Earlier today I was just laying on my couch watching tv with my brother when suddenly I feel a really sharp pain on my left thigh. It itched a little too, so I kept scratching it. I have no idea what caused that to happen, and the sharp pain wouldn't go away. I went into the bathroom to see what it was and I found two VERY VERY tiny holes in my skin (about and inch apart from each other). All of a sudden I saw this really small black bug (about 1 cm long) crawling on my other thigh so I slapped it off of my leg and it fell onto the ground. I looked at it closely, and it was a tiny insect with really tiny wings and the very end of the bug had a point to it, so I'm guessing it stung me multiple times. I crushed it afterwards xD but it kinda freaked me out knowing a bug was in my pants lol. Has this ever happened to you? And do you know what kind of bug it could've been? I don't want anymore bugs in my pants rofl.
I guess it looked similar to this (found this on Google..) but the bug was skinnier with really short wings.