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    Red scales? rash? help?!

    Hello, I'm new here. I have a 7 month old female ball python and she's got what looks like a rash on her belly.

    She had a bad shed so today I soaked her in the tub and helped remove some skin. But, now she has some kind of rash or red marks on her belly scales? I put neosporin on it but the local vet isn't in today to call.

    The guy at petco said it looked like it might be some kinda fungal infection?

    So... what exactly caused this and are there any other over the counter meds I can give her till I get ahold of a vet?

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    Re: Red scales? rash? help?!

    Without pictures, it sounds like scale rot. I don't think there is anything over the counter that will cure it. Get it into your herp ver, and in the meantime make sure the enclosure is disinfected and the bedding is dry. Might want to switch to newspaper or paper towels until you get through this.

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    Re: Red scales? rash? help?!

    have to agree that it sounds like scale rot. One of mine has recently gotten over it and I'm in the middle of a bad case with one of my other ones. Generally, they need antibiotics, so go to a vet when you can. I switched to paper towels as bedding and that REALLY helps. Also, if you can get your hands on some betadine and give her some water+betadine baths, that is really helpful. Both the antibiotics and betadine should be available at the vet. good luck and don't worry too much; it's not the worst thing possible!

    ps-- i'm pretty sure it's normally caused by some sort of bacteria collecting underneath the scales. one of my snakes got it because my substrate was too damp for a long period of time and bacteria was collecting in it. this second one though, i'm not quite sure what did it. i have a feeling it was something from the breeder i just got her from recently and is just now manifesting, because i was SUPER clean/cautious with both my new ones and only one got it. oh well.

    pps-- make sure your neosporin doesn't have pain killers in it.
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