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    Re: Personal Opinions on Spiders

    Quote Originally Posted by Jellybeans View Post
    But there's other issues in the reptile breeding industry that are not right ...the one I have an issue with also is producing scaleless reptiles. I'm sorry but that's so messed up. Why are we taking their scales away that they've had since the beginning of time, for human pleasure . C'MON !!!!
    Suddenly you are the expert, jury and judge on animal breeding.

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    Re: Personal Opinions on Spiders

    [QUOTE=Godzilla78;2681323]Suddenly you are the expert, jury and judge on animal breeding.

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    Re: Personal Opinions on Spiders

    Squeeze me?

    This is a thread asking for personal opinions. Respect people when they give you what it asks for.

    I'm not saying we have to agree with them but we do need to try and be somewhat tolerant of differences to the extent of avoiding giving offense where it is not warranted.

    MY opinion ( for the lick of spit it deserves ), I love how some of the spider combo's look but haven't yet moved into owning any. Sugar/ calico spider may eventually change my mind though.

    If my first breeding season from it produced nothing but train wrecks though there almost certainly wouldn't be a second.

    dr del

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    Re: Personal Opinions on Spiders

    I donít think it should be banded, but personally it is nothing I would buy or breed. I looooove the way they look, but I wouldnít want to watch the wobble.

    I agree we have to respect each otherís views rather we agree or not. I think a responsible breeder wouldnít want to produce and sell anything but perfect..... but obviously other people feel different and thatís OK

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    Re: Personal Opinions on Spiders

    At first I stayed away from spiders then I asked others about what they thought and after thinking long and hard on my own I ended up buying a few spiders. I currently have an orange dream spider and an enchi spider, I dont think I'll be getting anymore spider morphs, even though my two females eat without issues and little to no wobble.

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    Re: Personal Opinions on Spiders

    Quote Originally Posted by Dianne View Post
    I was looking at a number of different spider combos today at the Richmond show. They are beautiful snakes and none of those I saw displayed showed any wobble. That said, I didnít handle any either because I wasnít planning to buy any animals...until I saw the banana pinstripe. For me personally, I donít think I would breed a spider morph, because Iíd hate to have the potential of culling any offspring. However, I wouldnít have anything against owning one as a pet. Theyíre gorgeous.
    Well, fast forward a few months and last week I added an albino pastel spider. Heís about a year and a half old and extremely shy. I picked him up on Saturday and settled him into a quarantine tub. The prior owner said both snakes I bought were overdue for feeding, so I offered f/t weanling rats to both on Tuesday. No problems with either feeding, but in particular Iíd like to mention the spider had no issues at all striking and Ďkillingí his rat. He had no trouble lining it up to swallow, or moving around his tub. I handled him for just a few minutes tonight. Other than being skittish and jerking away quickly when you touch his neck or head, he showed no issues moving and no wobble at all. Once back in his tub, he was calmly cruising around. I wish all my new additions fed as well as he does.
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    For me as a newbie to ball pythons I have been massively impressed with how beautiful the spiders look.
    Abd then kinda sad to learn about their neurological issues.
    The cool thing is that I found out almost immediately, itís very accessible information for a noob like me doing just the slightest amount of research. Thatís gotta be a good thing.

    There are some things that research doesnít give me a clear answer to... like is the animal suffering? Is it in pain? Is it morally right etc... the more you try to find the answers to that kinda question the more subjective and polarized the answers. People who own spiders are probably less likely to say negative things about them... like you wouldnít say your own kids are ugly. The point is, very hard to find unbiased opinions. (This thread is a great read, nobody getting too angry.)

    So letís say you could ignore all of thise questions. Then how do you make a decision?
    Petsonally even if it was 100% proved that they are completely fine, I still donít find the wobble an attractive visual aspect. The extreme examples are are not cool to see. And even a slight wobble would put me off... I guess because it would instantly remind me of the bad cases, and of this whole debate.

    Itís a real shame because they look stunning. My hope is that a wobble-free variation of the gene will be discovered.
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    I would never buy or support the breeding of animals that have known issues from inbreeding/bad genes. That includes pure bred dogs. My pure bred beagle's spinal disks were disintegrating by the time she was 5 and left her paralyzed, and that was it for me.

    I'm not an expert on snake neurology, but the spider wobble is a painfully obvious departure from normal snake behavior. Whether it causes pain or not, its affecting motor skills.

    No thanks!

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    i love the special needs misfits so i would def adopt one with a wobble. i also think they're a good looking snake, we have one (no real wobble issues) and i'd consider buying another. i wouldn't breed them myself, though.
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    My 2nd ball was a stinger bee. He showed a little wobble when I brought him home from the reptile expo, however since putting him inside of a tub with the correct humidity and temperature the wobble has almost completely disappeared. I think it's pretty obvious based on what research I've done that the wobble gets worse with stress and poor husbandry. Having had this snake for a while and showing him the proper care I've noticed the wobble rarely shows up and he has no problems moving around his tub or feeding. Sometimes he will miss when feeding but I have a normal as well and a Pastel Mojave that have both missed from time to time.

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