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    Stuck Shed - Usual Methods Tried

    Hey friends! My new BP just had her first shed and it was quite the ordeal. I think her humidity was good leading up to it, 50-60%, and then 70-80% while she was actively shedding, but I wound up having to help her after 24 hours because she still had plenty of skin all over to her.

    I popped her into a container with water and a washcloth, and after about an hour took her out and she had not made much progress. So rub down it was. Most of her shed is now off with the exception of her neck, which I figure should be OK and will come off in due time, but she also has a tiny bit around her vent. Should I try to soak again and get that off, or? Thoughts/advice would be appreciated! Also, if should have done anything differently, please let me know.

    Last time I rubbed her down and got around there her spurs were out and kind of catching on the skin. Her spurs are still a little bit out. Hopefully, these pictures will help. It's hard to take a picture of a snake butt!

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    Are you using analogue or digital hydrometers? The analogues are notoriously inaccurate by 10 degrees either direction.

    As for suggestions, I like to put a lukewarm moist (not dripping) washcloth/towel in a pillowcase and let them chill with it for about 30 minutes. It gives them a 100% humid environment and something to rub on. Plus eliminates the risk of the water being too hot in a soak.
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    i'd take the damp towel and wet the affected area; focus on making sure it's pretty darn damp. then start trying to gently pull the shed with the towel, wiping down the body.
    that seems like a tough spot to keep stuck shed, so i'd try to get it off.

    make sure your humidity is at the appropriate percentage for the next shed.
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    Re: Stuck Shed - Usual Methods Tried

    My BP had once similar shed problem. Every affected spot has to be wet before you start gently peeling the skin. I put my fingers in water and rub the spot with water and then start gently peeling. It worked out
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    One thing I noticed with Odyn last week was his temps and humidity were perfect....however in his hide it wasn't. Check to make sure his hides are humid as well. I now know next time his hide gets moss. He has tiny hides and the substrate under them were dry and he didn't get the humidity from the tank. Soaked for an hour and he peeled off like butter.
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