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    Registered User Plissken's Avatar
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    Re: Is it safe to allow a ball python to wrap around your neck? Rest on your shoulder

    I would be more concerned with a large dog being capable of killing an adult, but I own a Lab and play with him all the time without any concern...i'll even hold a milk bone in my teeth and let him take it. I suppose it is possible that a house cat that is upset and still has it's claws could scratch deep enough to open an artery and kill you, if the circumstances were just right...
    I'd fear the ham sandwich more RIP Momma Cass.

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    BPnet Veteran Skittles1101's Avatar
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    I would not let my son do (even if he could). Just not worth the risk, but a ball python? Especially if I am right there, there's no way in hell anything would happen. I know this has NOTHING to do with snakes really, but I work for a police dept, and I had a class on autoerotic asphyxiation (can I even talk about this here?). I won't go into details....but honestly it really does not take much pressure around your entire neck to cut off blood flow enough to make you pass out. Depending on your body weight (or the size of the snake) it can take as little as 5 seconds to lose consciousness. I found this shocking, but figured I'd share my little piece of useless info that semi-pertains to the conversation. CAN a full grown ball python choke you out? Yes, it is possible for someone who does not react well to adrenaline situations (there are some...can't even debate that) BUT I think the chances are so slim, I personally see no risk to put my bps around my neck OR my son's for that matter. He never has a snake out without my supervision, for both of their safety.
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    Lol really, people think having a ball python around their neck can be dangerous? I've had a bp tighten up on my neck, so I uncoiled it... they aren't THAT strong. Sure it might be able to choke you out if you allowed it to, but thats the difference between stupidity and danger.

    I get that they are constrictors and that being strangled, losing concioisness, etc is easier than some think, but unless you're asleep or something I bet you'll have no real trouble.

    Yes I saw the post about the bp wrapping some guys wrist who absolutely couldn't take it off... he said he couldn't get his hand in there to uncoil it. Meanwhile theres a good 8 inches of its neck not in the coil... why not grab it by the neck, or even the face? lol I'd take a bite over losing my hand. Heck give it a cool mist of water and it will probably let go.

    I think if you get killed by a 3 pound animal, or lose your hand from a ball python coil... you've got a little problem with effort.

    That being said... if you don't feel comfortable with it, don't do it... I wouldn't suggest putting a big 8 ft + boa around your neck, thats going to be a strong snake. A ball python? You'll live.

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    BPnet Veteran Johan's Avatar
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    Re: Is it safe to allow a ball python to wrap around your neck? Rest on your shoulder

    Funny post, unless your a very weak, there is no way a ball python could strangle you. In fact, I doubt they have the strength even if you just let them go at it.
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    -Steve Irwin (RIP)

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    BPnet Senior Member angllady2's Avatar
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    I don't know for sure that a ball could kill you, even given absolutely perfect circumstances.

    However, do not kid yourself that one could not cause you to black out, because they can.

    It takes very little pressure in the right place to knock a person out, like Leah said. And even if you are aware of what is going on, a decent sized ball could in fact make you loose consciousness before you could stop it. Would I ever worry about a baby ? Nope. Anything over 600 grams, I respect.

    That being said, I don't have a problem letting even my biggest and strongest girls drape over my shoulders, or even throw a loose loop around my neck. I don't ever do this when I'm alone. I have had one of my 2000 gram females tighten up suddenly on my neck and my face went red and I started getting blurry vision in less than 5 seconds. Fortunately my hubby came to my rescue and uncoiled her tail first like I have taught him. But the speed with which I came close to blacking out was really scary.

    So, bottom line, do what you are comfortable with. If the thought of putting a snake on your shoulders makes you nervous, don't do it!

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    Registered User fluffy3's Avatar
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    Re: Is it safe to allow a ball python to wrap around your neck? Rest on your shoulder

    Ive put my snake around my neck he doesnt seam to like it because of my long hair The other day my son asked me to put the snake on his neck and take a picture I always have the camera ready before he gets the snake so I dont have to turn my back (he is 4) I put the snake on his neck and within 1 second he had gripped pretty tight enough to put fear in my sons eys I took him off and I will NEVER do that again just because I am now not comfortable with it and obviously it was not my hair the snake didnt like it is being on a neck ( The snake is just under 300 grams) I am just glad my son took the snake and held him 2 seconds later he has no fear of his pet he just doesnt want him on his neck again

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    BPnet Lifer OhhWatALoser's Avatar
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    Re: Is it safe to allow a ball python to wrap around your neck? Rest on your shoulder

    im 5'8'' 120 pounds so not big by any means, last year my 6 1/2 foot carpet python grabbed half the rat and half my hand and she wrapped around my hand start wrapping up my arm. She was in total kill mode and I had no problem overpowering her with 1 hand to stop her and unwrapped her off my arm. she is much stronger than the biggest ball pythons. lesson that day - don't text and feed snakes at the same time.

    now a ball python not being able to to be pulled off even if its trying to "kill you" (which we all know would never happen).... come on. The danger is so low... well you can't even put a number on it because its never happened.

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