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One Tired Girl  Temperance  What's up?
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  1. #1 sicilian1928
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    how old is your bp????
  2. #2 Kymberli
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    2yrs give or take a couple months.. in person he looks to be no older than 9months though.. he was so severely under weight when I got him I think it may hhave stunted his growth a bit. And he's still under weight, I'm working on it lol
  3. #3 sicilian1928
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    wow thats awesome that you have nursed him back to health. He looks longer than my 5 month old but maybe the same girth but my Samson is a fatty =) I just fed him 2 hoppers on tuesday and i fed him another hopper because he was acting hungry again.
  4. #4 sicilian1928
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    actually no yours is definitely bigger haha. I took a few more close looks and i was far off the mark haha
  5. #5 Kymberli
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    Haha, yeah I'm sure mine is much longer than your 5mo old. Slevin is +/-30" at the moment (he wouldn't hold still for an exact measurement), not sure of weight because I haven't been able to purchase a scale yet. His previous owners had no clue how to care for a snake (he was a "class pet") so they had him on medium mice which were half the size of his girth at the widest point, and he rarely ate them because he was in a cold, dry tank. I upgraded him to rat pups last night! But the little butthead wouldn't eat it until I scented it with a mouse, lol.

    (This was one week after I brought him home, right before removing all of the stuck shed and feeding him for the first time. He's a completely different snake now!)
  6. #6 sicilian1928
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    man he's had a tough life but good things he's in responsible hands. Would you just put a mouse around the rat pup to scent it?
  7. #7 Kymberli
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    Luckily, I only had to scent a rat once. I thawed a mouse after he refused the rat, then rubbed the mouse all over the rat pup. ( Can't be shy about touching dead rodents lol). Worked like a charm!
  8. #8 sicilian1928
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    Lol nope. When I first got Samson he was reallllly small, he was like the runt of the batch or something so I had to assist feed him which he wasnt too keen on until I poked a hole into the mouse's head (it was dead already of course). It sorta smelled but I made the mistake of sitting in front of my forced air heater while trying to assist feed and the smell of the dead mouse air blowing at my face was terrible! haha. Le
  9. #9 Kymberli
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    Haha in my opinion mice smell so much worse than rats. Maybe that's why they tend to like them more haha
  10. #10 sicilian1928
    Re: Slevin - exploring
    yeah mice do smell pretty bad but I havent had any experience with rats yet since my little guy is little lol.