In a continuing effort to foresee and circumvent issues that may arise with we as a staff have come to an agreement in the following matter.

In regards to the “Python Breeders” rank and tracking banners that have started appearing in user signatures. We have to ask that users who participate in this game and wish to display their rank do so by uploading the rank image in their “User Gallery” here at, which is accessible through the “User CP”. If you have any questions as to how to upload an image or use the “user gallery” please contact a staff member (names in red or green) and we will be more than happy to help you.

The reason we have decided to take this preemptive step has to do with page load and bandwidth issues that may become a problem if the “Python Breeder” server were to be down for any length of time. Because the image and linked information is housed on their server, when you place that information in your signature it is attached to every post you have ever and will ever make. This means that our site has to request that info from the “Python Breeder” server. If it is no longer available to display our page load times drop severely and it causes major issues which we have no course of action to fix.

This does not mean that you can not display the ranks. It merely means that to do so you must have the image saved here to do so.

We will allow one week for users to make the changes needed to their signatures. After this week any signature that still has the image hosted on a server other than, the image will be deleted without notice.

Thank you for continuing to allow us to go and make the best online community for Herpers to come. staff