These are from a Himalayan female and what I think is a Mink male. They both came from the feeder bin at a local petstore so I don't know anything about their genetics, but the lighter ones look like siamese babies to me:

Is this baby on top a mink? This is his true color, the flash makes him seem redder in the first picture. He's a very soft greyish brown. You can also see the color gradient on the hooded "siamese".

I pretty much have a closed colony, but a month ago I was at a different petstore getting cat food and these were in the feeder bin. They are still in quarantine and will be there for a bit longer. There were a lot of chocolates there too, so I'm guessing this is just red eye dilution on chocolate, but they are kind of different looking. Their eyes are so dark they are almost black without the flash.