I had the idea of making customized throw pillows (don't ask where this came from; I have no idea..) So here goes! I plan on making alot more in the near future and maybe marketing them on a small scale.

Camo! I made this out of an unwanted camo shirt of my husband's. I see this design as something that could really take-off around here.. lots of hunters.

This one, I made out of a sweater that I never wore. I got the idea from some I saw at BedBath and Beyond that were made out of the same material, but Uber expensive. It is almost like chenille!

And here's my favorite; a goth-inspired black kittie cat. He is made out of crushed black velvet, and the pillow is fleece. It looks much cooler in person, and the jagged edging on the cat was made on purpose

A future material that I plan on using: cowhide (saw some on eBay that were REALLY expensive and not even real hide.) I want cow-spotted pillows for our living room; I am such a hick! I will probably go with faux though, as it is cheaper, and I could wash it.