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    Re: State and Local Legislation Thread

    I've been looking for almost 2 weeks for information of Oregon state laws regarding reptiles (import, export, ownership) to see if I need a permit or anything special needs to be done in order to own BPs. I can't find a darn thing and nobody seems to be able to answer my question with a definite yes or no. The only info I have seen states that Oregon only requires permits for wildlife and 4 categories of exotic animals (non-human primates, bears, non-indigenous canines *except domestic dogs*, and non-indigenous felines *except domestic cats*) but nothing I see has anything to do with reptiles.

    Sorry if this is not the correct place to ask, but I figured the answer would be helpful to anyone else looking for Oregon laws regarding our hobby.

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    Missouri Bill

    WATCH OUT FOR DANGEROUS Parakeets and FINCHES........

    Going after

    Reptilia, including all reptiles that are venomous by nature as determined by department rule, including but not limited to Burmese python, reticulated python, African rock python, green anaconda, yellow anaconda, Indian python, Asiatic monitor, Nile monitor, white throat monitor, black throat monitor, and crocodile monitor, and any hybrids thereof;

    Birds, including parrots, parakeets, finches, doves and pigeons, and canaries; and
    Support my efforts to raise awareness and donations to the Alzheimer's Association in honor of my Grandfather Eugene......

    "No man's life, liberty or fortune is safe while our legislature is in session." - Benjamin Franklin

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    Re: State and Local Legislation Thread

    They have recently changed some things in the county where I live.

    In our neighboring city (where I used to live) But I wouldn't have had any problems because I don't take my snakes out into public other than to the vet and then home.

    6.05.025: EXOTIC SNAKES:

    Public display, possession or maintenance of an exotic snake on public property within the city of Coeur d'Alene by private citizens is prohibited. (Ord. 2826 §2, 1997)

    EXOTIC SNAKE: Any species of snakes which are capable of inflicting physical harm or death to children or small animals. "Children" for purposes of this definition are defined as human beings under the age of eighteen (18).

    In the City where I live.
    This one kind of worries me. So basically I am not allowed to own more than 3 snakes of any species. 7 if we own our home.


    A. It shall be unlawful for any household in a multi-family dwelling housing unit to keep more than three (3) permitted animals as defined by subsection 6.08.030A1 and A2 of this chapter. Each household in a detached single-family dwelling shall keep no more than seven (7) animals permitted pursuant to subsection 6.08.030A1 and A2 of this chapter, but not more than three (3) of any species shall be allowed within such limitation; except that a litter of pups, kittens or other young animals may be kept for a period of time not exceeding five (5) months from birth. The restrictions of this subsection shall not apply to any commercial establishment where such animals are legally kept for breeding, sale, sporting purposes, or boarding.

    I assume that geckos do not fall into this category. I will be calling the city today to find out if they do. If there is any violation on my part.
    Since I only have two snakes I am not too worried at this point.
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    Re: State and Local Legislation Thread

    Remember this too!!. What is actually proposed is a threat to all of us... not because we are bad people, however, because the decisions of a few. I would only out of right to suggest that we show these people that we are the most talented people on the Earth!!

    I feel the best we can do is to ask them to keep out of our business on the fact that some of us can volunteer and correct the abuses of those that caused this.

    With this I say that there is no need to have our Government to create a law that is malum prohibitum (Criminal by Legislation) and that there is out of the right of maintaining our resources, the ability for us to go to South Florida and remove the Snakes.

    The problem is in South Florida and I say we can Volunteer and remove these snakes without creating further usurpation on the people who are not involved.

    I am willing if you are... if only to protect our rights!!

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    Re: State and Local Legislation Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by littleindiangirl View Post
    A suggestion, when posting a reply about a new law, or one you know of, there should be a general format for ease of searching.

    Just some ideas...
    MI, Detroit: No alligators allowed in sewers effective July 1st, 2008

    USA, MI, Bay County: Need a permit to fish for crocs in the Saginaw Bay to keep for personal use.
    Sag Bay has crocs? Whoah....
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    Re: State and Local Legislation Thread

    Hi there to everyone the same thing about bans on exotics is happening way up here in Canada too. I live in BC. Canada and they just introduced Bill 29 Environmental (species and public protection) statutes act,2008
    Well the I read the law or any law the government creates they seem to always use simular wording as in "they may raise taxes" , so this is why i think we have to stand together just in case after all if we prepare for the worst anything above that would not be so shocking or so bad. So I plan on going to the BCSPCA symposium on May 28 & 29/08 this in Vancouver so that i will be more imformed on exactically what will happen.
    If you read the submission put forward by the BCSPCA what did they ask for

    Page 6 Be prohibited to breed or traffick the animal(s) in their possession.
    Page 7 To futher ensure effective regulation of exotic species to prohibit in-province in-tansit and out-of-province transport of exotic animals.

    what did the gov't put into bill 29
    (a) the possession of a species individual of a controlled alien species;
    (b) the breeding of controlled alien species;
    (c) the release of a species individual of a controlled alien species;
    (d) trafficking in species individuals of a controlled alien species;
    (e) the shipping or transporting in British Columbia of, or the engaging of another person to ship or transport in British Columbia, a species individual of a controlled alien species.

    The only difference is the wording in calling exotic animals by the BCSPCA To controlled alien species by the Gov't ...

    in 6.4 If the minister considers that a non-native species described in paragraph (a) or (b) of the definition of "species" poses a risk to the health or safety of any person or poses a risk to property, wildlife or wildlife habitat, the minister may make regulations designating the species as a controlled alien species.

    Lets see non-native species are not from BC. exotic animals Are not from BC. so to me the meaning is exactically the same just a small change of words.
    In our law they may be including all boids, testudines, varanidae and venomous invertebrates. real serious stuff many thousands of jobs will be lost this will affect everyone every where.

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