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Fabulous !!!!

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Incidentally try the hairdryer method when sheís had another couple meals ..

The method makes feeding night a pleasure rather than a worrying chore


My method is to thaw the mouse near the snake viv during the day , then in the evening- wait until itís dark / dim light ...

Then wait until the snake is well settled under a hide , then open the glass door , using tongs give the mouse a good blast with a hairdryer ( plugged in near the viv ) then immediately dangle the mouse in front of the hide entrance .

If thereís no strike simply reheat with the hairdryer and again dangle it instantly whilst itís still warm ... in the odd case you may have to repeat the process 5 or 6 times but in my experience it rarely fails .. . Follow the method closely and it works 90%+ of the time Iíd say - the other 10% of the time Iíd put down to the snakes being in shed mode and simply not interested in food

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