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    Why do you keep snakes?

    Been ruminating on this question myself for a while, and I think I have several of my own reasons, a lot of them being personal connections.

    They're one of the most misunderstood creatures on Earth, and as someone who spent a lot of their childhood as something of an outcast that resonates with me. They also tolerate interaction at best rather than seek it out and are more than happy to be left alone; they're all introverts like me. We both like to eat a lot in one sitting and rest/sleep it off too.

    On the more practical side, they're a dream to keep. Don't eat too often compared to most pets out there, they do well with handling but they don't require it at the same time, and they're just simply beautiful.

    Interested to hear what answers you all have.

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    Re: Why do you keep snakes?

    I started keeping tarantulas in covid quarantine, and people would ask a lot "oh are they like snakes? Like can they learn to recognize and trust you?" (The answer is no). But I was intrigued by this idea that snakes actually could form a bond with you, so I did some reading on different species, watched videos, and ordered my first ball python, bracing myself for an animal that would want nothing to do with me. To my surprise he took to me very quickly and actively enjoyed snuggling into my hoodies and watching TV with me - more than once I worried he'd been out of his tank too long and tried to put him back, only for him to grab tightly to my sweater and burrow in further. I know that he's mainly after my body heat and soft clothing, but both of mine will voluntarily approach and climb on me when left to their own devices to roam around my room, and it's a very cool feeling to have what is basically a wild animal look over at you, and then have an obvious moment of recognition like "oh right, that weird monkey that's always around, I know that one. That one's fine." Now people ask me if the snakes can enjoy petting or express affection, or befriend you like a dog, and I have to explain that no, not really, but the relationship you have with them is totally different. Not lesser or worse I don't think, but very different.

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    I agree that snakes are among the most misunderstood & irrationally-hated animals on the planet, & I have a huge soft-spot for all "under-dogs" plus a desire to see their truth be known.

    At first, I didn't actually expect to like them (after all, I'd had many rodent pets first!), but I really knew nothing about snakes, & decided to keep an open-mind. As it turns out, an open mind comes in handy throughout life- who knew? I was always an animal lover, but snakes? So I was talked into the first one, but that's when I realized that most everything I'd heard or seen about snakes was just total nonsense.

    Plus, as you mentioned, they're pretty easy to live with. I love dogs & other animals, but snakes don't need daily feeding or constant attention. They're graceful & pretty, & sometimes sorta goofy, but interesting to watch- relaxing to hold -well, sometimes & they offer some mysteries to figure out, trying to see life thru their eyes & by way of their instincts. They don't need long walks or backyards to play in, they don't claw the furniture, nor do they wake you at dawn with squawking or chirping, or bark & make your neighbors upset. And you can cuddle them too, unlike tropical fish (which are also fascinating & beautiful creatures). Plus, you meet all the "best" open-minded people keeping snakes & such.

    Keeping snakes also appeals to many of us with a creative side- fixing up that ideal enclosure for them to bring out their best health & natural behaviors. Keeping snakes keeps us learning new things, both in tech advances but also about the health & medical issues. And let's face it- there's a lot that's wrong with the "world" out there- a lot of things that causes us stress- so having a passionate interest in something so absorbing like snake-keeping (or gardening, various means of artistic expression, etc) offers us a good "escape" to a better, if smaller, "world". I think that having pets of any kind helps us all stay more positive (optimistic), too- they're a tangible reminder of what's important & wonderful in life.
    Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.
    Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983)

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    I initially started keeping snakes out of anger at people with an unreasonable, witless hatred for snakes. I still keep them (now that I'm no longer subjected to the presence of that kind of individual), because they are comfortable, relaxing and calming to be around. Even if not being handled, their movement and (usually) innate grace are as beautiful to watch as any other aspect of nature, a pleasure to see. 'Usually' because there are those instances of pure, absurd clumsiness that any animal is guilty of at times...

    Cats fall down and pretend it didn't happen, but will spite you if you noticed. Dogs do it deliberately to get attention. Snakes just don't care that it happened, if you noticed it's your problem, not theirs.
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