been kicking this around in my head for sometime when considering the ecological impact the American hobby has had on the Floridian ecosystems and what could the hobby do to help - also, in the event that the Florida state government can not successfully cull or remove all invasive specimens, what would this mean scientifically for the development and future categorization of those snakes - like, eventually, when all of these Burms, retics, AFPs, etc mate with each other and itís just hybrids mating with hybrids who produce more hybrids who then mate with other hybrids and so on - would they become their own species? Python evergladius or Python miamii perhaps? and if this were so, could the hobby make room for this niche do you reckon? could this be a way we contribute by creating a demand necessitating the commercial capturing and captive breeding of these new Floridian pythons? because i for one would, just on a private collector level, be totally interested in keeping a CBB Floridian python and iím sure many other people would too i mean at that stage they would be the largest constrictor species in North America where previously outside of like BCIís, there isnít really any big constrictors that exist here so that would be p cool (if youíre into giant snakes of course)