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This method will normally WORK if done properly ...
I wait until evening as they're nocturnal of course . I let the rodent thaw out in the reptile room so they get the smell ..
Many will only strike if the the room has dim/ low lighting !
Then I warm up the mouse / rat with a hairdryer and offer with tongs IMMEDIATELY whilst still warm . If refused simply repeat the heating and offering as many times as needed. .
A couple of mine will only strike feed from within their hides so I dangle the warm rodent in front of the hide's entrance - usually works but if it fails simply reheat the rodent with a hairdryer and immediately offer again whilst it's still warm continue until it's grabbed ...
Incidentally , if it shows no interest at all not even a tongue flicker maybe it's best to leave for a week or so.

Worrying CAN be part of being a Royal owner although I have a pair of HC ALBINO Royals that feed every single time ( every ten days or so ) .. but I also have a huge Pied Royal who hasnít eaten for me since I bought him a few months ago .. he still looks amazing , heís active and sheds well and isnít losing weight so Iím not worried ( just frustrated) .,

Iíve never had dealings with a very small youngster with no weight on them ..

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I've specifically left her on live because it's all she's taken for me. The breeder told me she was eating F/T like a beast for him weekly, so I'm at a total loss. I'd never call a professional breeder a liar, but I'll be damned if this snake doesn't make me want to.

I'm praying that maybe I'll get a little of the "Complain loud enough and You shall receive..." since I've finally blasted my woes out for those who have the highest chance of care to read. Haha.

@Shayne - I feel your pain. It's so hard for me to not drag her out and get pictures of her as I haven't REALLY been able to show her off. I'm hoping that every time she eats that it's the start of a good habit and I'll get to show her off, but alas....

She's almost translucent as light in color as she is, but she's got enough pale and shades that she's a beautiful looker if you can see it.