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Thread: Banning

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    BPnet Senior Member dakski's Avatar
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    Banning, my 11 1/2 year old wire haired terrier mix is very ill.

    He has a massive tumor on his spleen and surgery only has a 5% chance of saving him.

    Katie and I are devastated. We got the news today after an ultrasound.

    Banning had a tough life before he met me. He got thrown out of a car at 6 months, I found him at 9 months after being shipped to CT from a kill shelter in Georgia. He was 16 pounds and had ehrlichia, kennel cough, and worms. 3 months later, a healthy Banning was 26 pounds. His whole life with me he's been idolized by his "brother" Tyler, and since I've been with and moved in with Katie, loved by Moxie, Sam, and Bailey too.

    The first night I had him, I took off my belt to get undressed and he cowered in the corner. I told him, "Listen Buddy, I am never going to hurt you and you will never suffer under my care."

    I will keep my promise.

    The tumor can rupture at any time and he will bleed out. Katie and I have to decide when to put him down so he doesn't suffer. At the moment, he's doing okay and is being spoiled rotten. He got cooked sushi tonight - eel, crab, rice, etc. and Katie is making him hamburgers as we speak.

    He had been uncomfortable and not eating much since a few days after Katie and my wedding on 5-18-19. However, about 3 weeks ago, he perked up, and starting devouring food again. Multiple vet visits and meds proved inconclusive as to why he had been down and out for so long.

    According to the vet, his tumor had been bleeding, causing discomfort, but stopped. He said the next time we might not be so lucky.

    Banning is my buddy, my baby, and my pal. He literally would not leave my and Katie's sides during the wedding and wedged himself in between us during the vows. He didn't show any symptoms until a few days later.

    Banning helped me through a kidney transplant, many sick days and nights, and a horrific divorce. He and Tyler were/are inseparable and were/are always there for me, and now Katie, and their brothers and sister too.

    I am so grateful to have been blessed to have this sweet and appreciative animal in my life for 11 years. I am glad he got to have a wonderful Mom in Katie for 3 years, and be part of an awesome pack with our "Brady Bunch of Dogs" family.

    I will never forget him being the "best dog" at our wedding and will always miss the good morning kisses/licks. Tyler licks me at night to say good night, and Banning in the morning to say, "YAY! You're up! I love you!"

    I will let everyone know when we send him to heaven where I hope I will see him again.

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    BPnet Veteran jmcrook's Avatar
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    Re: Banning

    So sorry to hear this, Dakski. Having to make that decision is the absolute hardest thing in the world, I had to do the same last fall for one of my animals. Glad to know he’s been in such a good home for so long and is being spoiled rotten. Hugs from afar

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    Registered User Shayne's Avatar
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    Re: Banning

    S very sorry to hear, man. It's never a easy task/decision when it comes to our fur babies. Just try to focus on all the good days to help push you thru the bad ones.
    Carpe' Diem

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    Losing a pet is heartwrenching, especially for one who shared many milestones with you. When I lost my cat of 17 years, I lost my mind. I tried and played the scenario numerous times prior to mentally prepare myself for the day I need to say goodbye. So when the day unexpected came (He stopped eating. Vet says his liver is shutting down. He was going to pass no matter what. It was old age), I broke. It took me about a year to be able to think of him and say his name without bursting into tears. It is hard decision to lose a soul you love so much, it is even worse when you are the one to pull the trigger.

    Work closely with your vet. When there are more bad days than good, it is best to do it early than too late. Dying can be very painful. He will let you know that it is time. For example, on our last day together, my cat was not himself. He usually hides when guests are in the house. But he did not hide. He kept following me but wanting nothing really other than to stay close. He was not eating and had not eaten and yet he seem to be less hungry than he should. Same for my hamster in his last hours. So focus more on the 'moment,' the rest will happen how they will happen, even if you plan for it.

    Again I am very sorry you are going through this.

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    Registered User Dianne's Avatar
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    Re: Banning

    So sorry to hear about this tough decision. For what it is worth, I think you are making the best choice possible for him, while being the toughest for you and Katie. My prayers are with you.
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    BPnet Veteran EL-Ziggy's Avatar
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    Re: Banning

    I'm sorry Banning isn't doing well Dave. I always hold out hope for a miracle but I understand the circle of life too. It sounds like he's gotten nothing but love from you, Katie, and the rest of his pack. I'm praying for y'all.
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    Registered User Bogertophis's Avatar
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    I'm so sorry to hear about this...I have 2 elderly dogs myself, & they aren't the first dogs I've lived with & loved either. If you're wondering- I wouldn't put Banning
    thru such a risky surgery if I were in your shoes, but only you & Katie can decide how and when to intervene (with the help of your vet, I'm sure). You're right that
    he had a rough start in life, but he's had a good life with you since then...too many dogs never even have that. You're all in my thoughts...hugs!
    Many friends in low places...

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    Registered User richardhind1972's Avatar
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    Re: Banning

    So sorry to hear about banning dave.its heartbreaking to make that decision. Dogs really are a man's
    /Woman's best friend

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    BPnet Senior Member Reinz's Avatar
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    So sorry to hear of this. What a heartbreaking story, but uplifting when reading what a wonderful home that Banning has. These companions that live with us really take hold of our hearts and it so hard to let go. I truly feel you pain and torment. I recently put down a 17 year old dog. I have lived in my house for 30 years and my large backyard is literally a pet cemetery. It never gets easier to make these kind of decisions.
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    BPnet Veteran Craiga 01453's Avatar
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    Oh Dave, I'm so sorry to read this.

    Cherish the memories, my friend. Banning may be crossing the rainbow bridge to doggy heaven, but he'll always be in your hearts.

    All my best to you, Katie and the rest of your animal family. is beautiful...

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