I purchased this snake last year from a very reputable reptile store in Chicago. He had been relinquished, so they were not not sure of his age (probably around 3 at the time) or whether he was even male.

He has been awesome. He had clearly been well taken care of. He's healthy, super docile and a really good eater. We have fed him medium to large (frozen) rats every 1-2 weeks. I was under the impression that Ball Pythons do not get too large, but he is well over 5 ft long. The terrarium the store sold me was very quickly too small. We outfitted a 125 gallon aquarium for him.

We have had no issues with him. We just can't keep him anymore and want to see him with someone who can care for him properly.

We have the aquarium with a stand, two heating pads and a huge water dish. We have a hide, but he is close to outgrowing it.

Please make an offer on the snake and whatever else to go with him. I'm not trying to make money, I just want him in a good home. Not sure how to post pictures, but happy to provide upon request.