Yeah, people think it's so horrible that snakes eat those "cute little mice", but they do it nicer than the parent mice do...mice can be HORRIBLE, leaving them alive
& suffering. Anyone who breeds mice for a while should have NO trouble feeding snakes...

You're correct, the males eat more & grow when they mature, they make more stink. My mice are pretty used to getting treats, & that's a good distraction
if you want to "disturb the nest"...mine don't seem to mind much, anyway.

I have 16 snakes that eat various sizes, the smallest being my TX longnose snake...similar to a milk snake, he has a narrow mouth & only eats fuzzies (pinks thru scrawny
hoppers at most), & he usually puts away 6 at one meal. That's great that you have a local pet store that raises mice too, just in case.