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Thread: Oil Diffuser

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    Registered User purpleroan's Avatar
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    Oil Diffuser

    So I recently received an oil diffuser, the kind that you fill with water and a couple drops of essential oil and it sprays a fine mist every once in a while or so. I wanted to put it in my loft, but thatís where my bp is...will the oils (even if itís a tiny airborne diluted amount) be a danger to her? Sheís in a tub with a few air holes of course, so itís not totally open, and itís not like the diffuser would be right on top of her. Is this potentially harmful to her? I can easily move either of them, but Iím wondering if I should, even if just as a precautionary measure. Thanks!

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    Didn't you also ask about incense? I think this would be safer (?) since mist won't travel as well as smoke does; tiny droplets are heavier & hopefully few will
    make it into her cage thru the few air holes, but I think I'd put a bit of fabric (or similar thing) over the holes anyway, to act as a filter. There's really no way
    to guarantee that essential oils won't be harmful though, as there's all kinds of oils, & some might be fine while others won't.

    Borrowing some bits from Wiki:
    "... Improper use of essential oils may cause harm including allergic reactions and skin irritation, and children may be particularly susceptible
    to the toxic effects of improper use."

    "Use in aromatherapy"...
    "...Use of essential oils may cause harm including allergic reactions and skin irritation; there has been at least one case of death." (they mean
    humans, of course, & snakes are far more vulnerable)

    Something I didn't know about them- and which would concern me, since snakes are not mammals either & may be harmed in similar ways.:
    "Use as pesticide[edit]

    Research has shown that essential oils have potential as a natural pesticide. In case studies, certain oils have been shown to have a variety of deterring effects on pests, specifically insects and select arthropods.[27] These effects may include repelling, inhibiting digestion, stunting growth,[28] decreasing rate of reproduction, or death of pests that consume the oil. However, the molecules within the oils that cause these effects are normally non-toxic for mammals. These specific actions of the molecules allow for widespread use of these green pesticides without harmful effects to anything other than pests.[29] Essential oils that have been investigated include rose, lemon grass, lavender, thyme, peppermint, and eucalyptus.[30]"


    Remember these are NOT meant for internal use or application on (human skin) & even though they sound safe & "natural", they use advertising
    buzzwords to make you trust & buy them. Plenty of "natural" things are toxic or poisonous, plus they may have "other ingredients" not labeled.

    Another article to check out: ....excerpt:

    "DO Consider Age

    Young children and the elderly may be more sensitive to essential oils. So you may need to dilute them more. And you should totally avoid some oils, like birch and wintergreen. In even small amounts, those may cause serious problems in kids 6 or younger because they contain a chemical called methyl salicylate. Don’t use essential oils on a baby unless your pediatrician says it’s OK."


    Bottom line: I wouldn't use this anywhere near my snakes.

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    Re: Oil Diffuser

    I've always seen questions on candles, incense, etc. that do release into the air smoke/mist/etc.

    Would a wax melter fall under the same category? These being the things that heat the wax on a small plate via a light bulb or similar electric heat. They don't smoke or mist, but I wonder if the smell becoming airborne from the melted wax is a problem on its own.

    (Not using any of this near the reptiles, just curiosity here.)

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    Re: Oil Diffuser

    I personally wouldn't use or let anyone else use anything that puts out lots of scent or puts anything in the air anywhere near my snakes. That includes aerosol sprays, oil diffusers, anyone smoking or vaping, burning incense, or anything else like that. No sorts of sprays or mists or smoke. Only a humidifier if needed. To me there's just no way I'd risk it. It's just way too easy for anything airborne to get into enclosures through ventilation holes.

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    Tree oils (tea tree/melaleuca, eucalyptus, cedarwood, cinnamon, cypress, sandalwood, etc) and citrus oils are neurotoxic to reptiles. I would never diffuse ANY essential oils in the same room as a reptile (or other pets for that matter), or any of the toxic oils in the same building.

    Candles and wax melts do not aerosolize oil particles into the air in the way as a diffuser does, and therefore are somewhat safer. I still would not use any scented air product in the same room as a reptile, but I burn candles in separate rooms with no issue.
    - Emily

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    Re: Oil Diffuser

    That was me who asked about incense but the diffuser is a good question too

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    Registered User purpleroan's Avatar
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    Re: Oil Diffuser

    Thank you SO much everyone! Tons of great and useful information here. I had a feeling itíd be a poor idea but yíall went above and beyond in your explanations. Much appreciated.

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