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Thread: Hi guys!

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    Hi guys!

    I legit just lost my entire post :')

    Long story short;

    Mum wanted to move states away and up north. She takes me to visit location, were there, last day there, friend calls. Friends babysitting everything at home (snakes, geckos, rodents, dogs). Hes panicking so I panic. What's wrong with my snakes? Nothing is wrong. No my female axanthic decided to lay eggs. She hadn't been paired since last season and she didnt lay, so we assumed okay she is not gonna go. No she went she just waited to do it while we were gone. He doesn't know how to set up egg tub. Okay leave em, I'll be home tomorrow.

    Get home, shes done. I set up the eggs. It's her very first clutch, 7 eggs total, 3 were slugs. One was pushed out, but it looked good so in the incubator it went.

    They were 5 days from the supposed hatch date, or pip date. (52 days) I know it's not guarantees, but the last three clutches have all hatched/pipped day 52. Fast forward. my grandmother rushed us to pack everything up (mums offer had been accepted we got the house she wanted). So I'm freaking out. I do a makeshift incubator for night before driving up to new house (13+ hr drive).

    I stocked up on heat packs, friends riding with me to monitor make shift incubators temps/humidity. We have two thermometers, a temp gun, more heat packs in case. Temps stayed stable with constant supervision. I'm a nervous wreck. This is a clutch that could potentially be from my mums fire het axanthic male who passed away last year, so it's a clutch we want... not just because its it's new babies, but because it could be Axels blood. She loved Axel.

    Day 52 comes, no action. We leave em be. Day 55, nothing. Day 57, we cut them to see what we would have had. It looked like one normal, one visual axanthic (our hearts dropped), and another normal looking. But. Then we saw one twitch. Okay. Oh my. We put them back in the incubator. No further movements were seen though over the next few days. At day 60, my grandmother left from visiting us to drive back to the starting state where she still lives. Mum wants to get rid of the eggs since weve seen no twitching no movements nothing now that shes gone. Maybe the move was just too much on them. But, as I pulled it out and opened the lid, out was a little head. Just one out of the three (the fourth egg that was the one she had pushed out was no good), had its little head out. So i gently poke the others shells and each baby in turn squiggled. I've got two fire het axanthics and one visual axanthic. Our surprise clutch. Heres to hoping they continue on and thrive. I'm continuing to monitor them closely more closely than my other hatchlings in the past and none are being handled except to change paper towels under them. Once they shed, I'll perhaps check genders but right now that doesn't matter to me, they are my little survivors and my goodness I'm gonna give them every chance to make it and thrive. I talk to them every time I check in on them. The fire that had its head out first eyes me and flicks its tongue out whenever i say hi.

    I'll get pics of the babies when I know they're going to be fine.

    But for now! Have some pics of Miss Cheetah the leopard gecko
    ... and Gunner the burn mtn cross pretending to be a unicorn and being a goof.

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    Wow, that's just insane! Congratulations on the new little ones- don't you just LOVE surprises? & I love your dog too!
    Good luck with the move...
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