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View Poll Results: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

53. You may not vote on this poll
  • NO, I do not use them, and have not used them before.

    23 43.40%
  • NO, I do not use them now, but have used them before. I stopped using them for X reason. (Please explain)

    5 9.43%
  • YES, I use them, but ONLY have them in the enclosure during shedding.

    11 20.75%
  • YES, I use them, and have them in the enclosure at all times.

    13 24.53%
  • Other. (Please explain)

    1 1.89%
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    BPnet Veteran pretends2bnormal's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    I've never used one with a ball python, but would definitely give it a try if I started having poor sheds. PVC + reptile prime + one thorough mist when I see them go blue has worked like a champ so far in north TX. My house is fairly humid for the area due to my husbands aquariums, so we have ambient humidity between 45 and 55% depending on season, so there isn't a huge gap to overcome for me.

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    BPnet Senior Member Sonny1318's Avatar
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    The only time I regularly provided humid hides was when I kept a Brazilian and a Colombian rainbow boa. It was back in 1994. It was probably unnecessary with the cages I was using, but I didnít want to take any chances. They both made good use out of them. Some where around that time I decided that it was just in my best interest as a keeper to just start using a big humidifier. I consider a humidifier part of my husbandry game. I also like to add moss to the tank when I see my snakes go into blue. In Chicago where I live, the winters are brutally dry with the furnace running. I look at it as a benefit for my health also.
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    Registered User Meghenebk's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    I use them for a few months in winter when my house humidity is a bit low for their needs. But I use open containers of damp sphagnum. It increases the enclosure ambient humidity enough, and isn't short lived like misting. Once in a while they will burrow in the moss if they're in shed.

    I have a corn snake, a rosy boa and a hognose, so I don't need to keep their entire environment high humidity, or to worry about it most of the year.

    I tried offering humid hides in the summer when they were in shed and they never used them and have perfect sheds when I don't offer them.

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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    It's silly to me to provide so many different hides for the snake. That would take up too much room. I do put moist moss in the hide I created for my snakes and most use them daily. I'ts not a necessity but since my snakes do enjoy it I provde that option. My tank struggles with humidity as it is (At least my big tank does) So I keep the water bowl on one side and the hide with moss on the other to keep humidity up on both sides. My snake also has the option to bask on top of her hide to get extra warmth. So IMO one hide is necessary. And only use them if your snake is having trouble shedding and or your tanks humidity is not up to par. Or if your snakes just enjoy it. It doesn't hurt to set one up and observe how often they use it.

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    Registered User Southpaw91's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    I offer one to mine when she is in shed. Even if she doesn't use it, it still helps maintain a more constant humidity level in the entire enclosure. I live in a very dry climate, so it keeps me from having to mist 2-3 times daily so I can give her a little more peace during shed.

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    Registered User Bumblebee my snake's Avatar
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    i have used them, but id recommend if you do, to make sure the sides are dark or they might not use it.

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    BPnet Lifer Zincubus's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    I just spray daily then when theyíre in shed mode I up the spraying to two it three times daily

    Perfect sheds 100%

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    Registered User Titantheballpython's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    I wanted to have a extra humid spot for my python but he is quite large so just has a big bowl of water in his enclosure. I also live in a very humid state so the humidity is very high in my house and in the tanks. Which isnt so great for my bearded dragons who need low humidity. Its ususally in 50s or 60s in my pythons tank.

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    Registered User Kethith's Avatar
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    Re: Do you use a humid hide/humidity box? If so, how often?

    I live in the high desert. Ambient humidity is usually 20% or lower outside, but with my water bowls and coconut fiber substrate, I get the proper humidity levels in my enclosures. Still, I always offer humid hides for my ball pythons, Nelsonís milksnake, and western hognose. All of my snakes use them as needed and none of them overuse them. I donít think theyíre necessary by any means, but theyíre little to no inconvenience to me with the size of my collection, my snakes seem to like them, and their skin looks great, so Iíll keep offering them.

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    Registered User CharlieBoi's Avatar
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    I just put some sphagnum moss inside his favorite hide whenever I see the first signs of shed (pink belly) works perfectly for us and he loves it.

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