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    Re: normal ball bred with pastel vanilla ball

    Why not read this:

    Food for thought.

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    This spiraled pretty quickly.
    To answer the question... Pastel Vanilla Classic = 25% Classic, 25% Vanilla, 25% Pastel, 25% Vanilla Pastel.
    Those are average odds and not a guarantee. It is very possible to miss the odds of the Vanilla Pastel.
    The Genetic wizard on World of Ball Pythons can help calculate the average odds.
    Prices can vary dependent on who you're selling to, age and gender of BP, looks and genetics, and the state of the reptile market.
    Classics - $20- $60
    Pastels - $60- $120
    Vanillas - $50- $120
    Vanilla Pastel - $100- $180
    Prices may vary as stated.
    As for age of breeder animals, sexual maturity in females can be achieved by 2 years. Some breed at around 1300grams. 1500grams is better. The bigger the better... Good size = bigger healthy clutch of eggs.
    Males on the other hand can reach sexual maturity at around a year. Some breed at around 500 grams. 800 grams is better. With males its more about lean, athletic weight rather than mass. A fat male can get lazy.

    With all that being said, you're not gonna strike it rich. If you want to try your hand at breeding your pets and sell off what you don't want to keep, cool. But make sure you take care of your pets and keep the well being of your animals THE priority. Creating beautiful, healthy babies and making a few bucks from what you don't keep, to feed into your hobby, is a plus.
    Good luck and please do your research.
    Balls2U, Justin Kobylka, Brian Barczyck, & Olympia Reptiles makes great videos and all have you tube channels dedicated to educating and showcasing.
    **LU BALLZ** (IG. @lu_ballz)
    1.1 Lesser - ZAZU & TILI
    1.0 Pastel - ACE
    1.0 Banana - DIPPER
    1.0 Pastel Yellow Belly - WU-TANG
    1.0 O.D. 100% Het. Pied - SQUANCHY
    0.1 Harlequin - HARLEEN
    0.1 Classic 100% Het. Pied - SUNNY
    0.1 Killerbee Fire - AUTUMN
    0.1 H.G.W. - KATARA
    0.1 Enchi Hypo - AMIDALA
    0.1 Children's Python - HAZE
    1.0 Beardie - LeNerd
    1.0 Brachypelma Hamorii - NORI
    0.0.1 Aphonopelma Chalcodes
    0.0.1 Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens - KLUH
    0.0.1 Tliltocatl Albopilosum - BANE

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    Re: normal ball bred with pastel vanilla ball

    U seem very educated in breeding and pairing. I have a vanilla scream. I want to find a killer combo to pair him with. I like enchi, OD, pastel, fire, banana, black pastel, really open to any ideas. I was originally going to buy and pair him with a superfire pos enchi, OD because then I wouldnt have to worry about having to list some babies as vanilla /fire and instead would know they all had fire in them. But now I'm not so sure if I want to go that route. If it were u what would some things youd consider pairing with the vanilla scream? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: normal ball bred with pastel vanilla ball

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyleeg View Post
    Yes I know I got him from twin cities retiles. They told me to wait until shes 4 years old at least. I plan to keep them seperate but I feel like it would be an iteresting experience to breed.
    It is an interesting experience for sure, but an interesting experience for you is serious potential health risk for your female. Not to mention the lives of the babies you'll be creating.

    Have you thought about contacting a local breeder and asking them if you can help them with babies? If you are simply looking for an interesting experience, offering to assist someone local to you is a great option. You'll get to interact with the babies and see the process, plus learn a lot along the way. Contacting the breeder who sold you these animals and asking if you can do this would be the first thing I would do. Asking the breeder we bought our first snake from if we could do this was our first step into breeding, and it was the best way to decide if we wanted to pursue the hobby.

    I think the reason people are reacting the way they are is because your phrasing sounds very nonchalant about a hobby that involves the health and care of living things (it is an interesting experience... but so is trying a unique dish at a restaurant or taking a yodelling class) . If this is just a matter of phrasing coming off poorly online, then i'd say the best first questions to be asking are about the highs and lows, and what some dangers or problems might arise that you wouldn't think of as someone thinking of getting into breeding. Morphs are absolutely something that can make you fall in love with breeding, but that is just the smallest tip of the iceberg.
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