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View Poll Results: Buying A Juvenile Ball Python

30. You may not vote on this poll
  • Directly from breeder or Morphmarket

    23 76.67%
  • Local Pet Store

    2 6.67%
  • Show coming to the area Repticon

    18 60.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Post Where Should I Buy

    Looking to get a Juvenile Ball Python and want to see the most successful place to acquire the animal.

    1. From a breeder direct or Morph Market
    2. From Local Pet Store since you can actually see and handle first.
    3. Reptile Show in about a month called Repticon

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    BPnet Veteran craigafrechette's Avatar
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    If your local store is one of the "big box stores" you should cross that option right off your list. Unless you prefer to over pay for an animal that is poorly cared for, underfed and is a huge risk of internal issues, mites, etc... If it's a local mom and pop shop, proceed with caution.

    If handling before buying is important to you, go to the expo. Repticon will have plenty of reputable breeders. Check out the vendor list on the expo web page. Research the breeders before you get there and narrow the search to a handful of tables. This way you'll also be able to have an idea of which tables to avoid. is beautiful...

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    Is this your first snake? If so then I'd suggest a reptile show as the best option because you can see lots of animals, handle them, ask questions of the vendors, pick up any supply items you might need, pick up some food for your snake, etc...

    If you know exactly what you want an online breeder/Morphmarket is a good option too. A local pet store is seldom a very good option unless it's a reptile-specific store.

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    BPnet Veteran craigafrechette's Avatar
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    Re: Where Should I Buy

    Quote Originally Posted by dboeren View Post
    ... pick up any supply items you might need, pick up some food for your snake, etc...
    Just to piggyback on this reply: it's very important to have you enclosure and all your equipment up and running and dialed in before bringing your snake home. is beautiful...

    "Every man dies, not every man really lives"
    - Braveheart

    "If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead"
    - Layne Staley, Alice In Chains

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    I 100% agree with the last 2 previous posts.
    As a first time buyer Customer Service support is going to be extremely important for you, so I would recommend a Reptile Show as your best option first.
    that's not to say Morphmarket is not a good option ( have snakes forsale on there too) but I think being able to handle the animal and see it in person is something that will pay off in the long run for you.
    Now I would make sure that when I'm at the show that I'm dealing with the Breeder that actually produced the snake and not someone that is either A) selling someone else's snake, or B) and animal that was purchased just to sell at the show. Preferably a breeder that is local to you but that does not matter as much it's just nice to have a local contact incase you need help.
    I can't stress enough about Customer Service. I read the posts on FB of people asking for help because they paid a inexpensive price for a snake at a show or on-line that now they have problems. Frist question I always ask is what did the person who you bought it from say. Most of the time they did not get any response from that seller.
    Good luck and enjoy!!!!
    Pete's Pythons
    Tampa, FL

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    Re: Where Should I Buy

    I have discovered that asking the person selling the animal several questions makes a big difference in weather I buy from them. If they can't answer the fallowing questions, I don't buy no matter how much I want the animal.

    1. Feeding schedule and size.
    2. Weight and length.
    3. Attitude. (Can tell who is honest by their reaction usually).
    4. Ask about the parents genetics.
    5. In person I always handle them for more than 5 minuets. (sometimes longer, to see if the animal relaxes or remains tense or becomes defensive.)

    Not foolproof but it is a good practice.

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    Telling it like it is! Deborah's Avatar
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    Directly from a REPUTABLE breeder whether it's online or at a show.

    With a reputable breeder comes a quality animal, knowledge and info on the animal, and customer service before and after the sale.

    Noticed I said REPUTABLE breeder

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    You should buy from one of the many knowledgeable, caring, passionate breeders from this forum...
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    I would rank your options like this:

    1. Buy from a reputable breeder
    I've never had a problem with a snake I bought from a breeder. Not all breeders are great of course, but if you ask questions you can get to know them and figure out how they keep their animals. A breeder can tell you more about their snakes than anyone else. It's also safer and less stressful for the snakes to go from one home to another, vs. being transported from the breeder, to a show or a store, and then to the new owner.

    2. Reptile show
    This is still a good option and you'll have plenty of breeders and snakes to choose from, but be wary of unwanted hitchhikers. Always use hand sanitizer before handling and make sure you shower once you get home. You don't want to bring home mites or anything. The other downside about shows is sometimes they're so busy that you may not have as much time as you'd like to ask questions.

    3. Local pet store
    Depends on the store. Some are better than others. If you can smell the place before you even enter the doors, turn around and walk away. But if not you'll want to go in and get a good look around, make sure the cages are clean and the animals look healthy. If everything looks fine handle the snake for a few minutes and ask questions before buying.
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    Re: Where Should I Buy

    I donít have any experience with the pet store or expo route but I recently purchased my snake from morph market and had nothing but an amazing experience. If you want the customer service Iíd maybe just suggest a smaller breeder. I would think a smaller breeder would have more time to answer questions and help you troubleshoot. The breeder of my snake was extremely helpful in getting my little guy to eat and answering questions. I even periodically give him updates!
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