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    Hes just exploring his new home , if he is being active I would definitely wait a week until he gets settled in then I would offer a rat. They all go through the exploring phase . After that though you should be able to try and feed.

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    Anyone got any reasons as to why he's quite active during the day (Had him for 2 weeks and last time he was fed was on Saturday)?
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    Re: 1 Year Old Ball Python (Help)

    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonPythons View Post
    Anyone got any reasons as to why he's quite active during the day (Had him for 2 weeks and last time he was fed was on Saturday)?

    Being active during the day is normally a sign of stress.
    Is there any reason for him to be stressed? Handling? Change in environment? No proper hiding place? Too much traffic around him? Temperatures?
    It's hard to tell if we don't know anything other than that he's cruising during the day. For example eating is normally a sign of a happy ball python which would counter my stress theory.
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    Are there holes in the tub? Along the sides would be better than the top. Is it in a high traffic area? If so, move to an area with less movement. Is the temp an humidity consistent? As stated above, up and about in the daytime is usually a sign of stress. Keep a steady routine. Train your bp to a schedule. Feed days and times should be consistent. They'll fall in line to the patterns you create for them.
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    Re: 1 Year Old Ball Python (Help)

    I have never really followed the feeding chart but then again I have been keeping snakes on and off for 30+ years and eventually you can just look at the rat and determine if it is an appropriate size. I feed mine FT Rat pups until they are around 100 grams, then move to FT weaned rats until 350 to 400 grams, then move to FT small rats until they are 1000 grams. At around 1500 grams I alternate with a FT small one week then a FT medium the next week until 2000+ then it is always a FT medium.

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    He is probably hungry and or something is wrong in his environment. Use this as a checklist.
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    Re: 1 Year Old Ball Python (Help)

    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonPythons View Post
    Has anyone got any more suggestions on weight/food or any suggestions on why he's being so active today as he's just looking like he wants to escape as he keeps going up to the lid?

    Thank you all for the replies!
    he is probably hungry! he did look like a healthy litle booger in that picture, congratulations his coloring is gorgeous! while I do know some BP's that are small, it's 95% of the time because they are not being fed proper sized meals. My female just turned a year 3 days ago and she is just on the border of 1000g and is just under 4ft, and when I got her at 3 months she was 250g and 2ft long. she was eating weaned rats when I bought her every 5 days, now she gets a "big" small rat, or a "small" medium rat once a week (hopefully that gives you a snake size/food size idea). any chance you could get a measurement on him? or another pic of him stretched out so we can see the proportions of his length to weight? (it's kind of hard to judge his size when he's balled up). IF you can see his spine, he is definitely thin. a GREAT rule of thumb for feeding size though is, you want him to have a SLIGHT buldge at the thickest part of his body (usually right around the middle) where you can physically see the rat as he's digesting it. I hope this helped a little, keep us updated!
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