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    Lightbulb ball python care questions from a beginner

    hello everyone, I have some more questions I would like to ask all of the experienced ball python owners. (By the way, I know the BP care sheet is on here. I have been using it, it is good.)

    1. Is there a specific website or book that you could recommend to a new ball python owner that provides a lot of good information?

    2. When you set the basking/ambient and cooler side, do you need to change them during night time (eg. make them cooler?) how would you do this?

    3. Do you find an electric thermometer, handheld thermometer, or a stick on thermometer to be the most accurate?

    4. How many times a day/week should you mist your BP's tank? (I have heard multiple numbers.)

    5. Do you recommend a humidifier for BPs for when they are shedding?

    6. Do you recommend a heating mat or a reptile heating bulb? (Or both?)

    7. How do you calm a stressed BP?

    8. How often can I hold my BP? (I would love to hold it every day, but some tell me that is too much, other tell me it's fine.)

    9. My room is pretty chilly, do you think along with the heating I choose to use for my BP that I would need to use a heater in my room?

    10. What type of wood do you recommend for a ball python climb? (Driftwood, Grapewood..)

    11. What is the temperature I need to thaw out rats at? (Will they only eat the rat if it replicates a living rat's temp?)

    12. What is the best way to keep a BP tank at the right humidity?

    thank you for answering my questions. have a great day/evening.
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    caresheet! Everything you need to know to at least get the basics right off the bat.

    No need to change night temps.

    Digital temp gun + Acurite digital hygrometer/thermeter inside the cage.

    You don't need to mist if your setup retains humidity well. You need to mist if your humidity is low.

    No humidifier needed, unless you have too-low humidity, and that depends on your setup.

    The equipment you need depends on your setup.

    You calm a stressed BP by putting it in their cage and leaving them alone for a few days.

    Handling time depends on the individual BP and its age- but generally, 20~30 minutes maximum per day. Better if just once every other day.

    Most woods are fine.

    Thaw rats in warm water, or room temp, or the fridge. There are different methods. Some BP's are more picky about the temp, some are not.

    Keeping them at the right humidity depends on what setup you choose to go with.

    If you read through the caresheet carefully, many of your questions will be answered! Including the ones here.
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