I,m 34 now but when I was in high school my snakes went every ware with me even to school. Back then I didn't do any studying about snakes and just knew what i new from being that kid who would hide garter snakes in the house to scare my mom with.

I never had any problems with them getting weird outside of the house unless there were robins around then the robins would start dive bombing them and me and they would get really aggressive after that. As an adult i would say no don't do it lol.

Something will eventually stress them out and you may take a bite or 12. But if you must i would make sure to wear a hoodie or something that if things do get stressful they have a place to run before the get defensive. Just be cautious of people as well that butt head that threatens to make a belt out of your pet might get serious one day. People tend to take things waaaay to far these days.