Once again it's the the first Friday of the month which is the usual monthly meeting day of the Minnesota Herpetological Society and and as usual there will be plenty of animals in need of homes which will be available from the adoption committee.

In order to be eligible to adopt a reptile or amphibian from the MHS you must be a member of the MHS and you must be present at the meeting. The meeting takes place at Borlaug hall room 335 on the U of M Saint Paul campus Friday May 2nd at 7:00pm. (1991 Upper Buford Circle Saint Paul MN)

(note that you CAN sign up to be a member of the MHS at the meetings and be eligible to adopt an animal that same night.)

For more info please see - http://www.mnherpsoc.com/

Available at the May meeting will be at least 30 herps that need new homes this month.
They include:

8 Ball Pythons, 3 Cornsnakes, 2 Common Boas (one very very large), 1 Spotted Python and a Gartersnake.
1 Alligator.
2 Bearded Dragons, 2 Leopard Geckos.
2 Snapping Turtles, 4 Painted Turtles, 5 Red eared Sliders and 1 Russian Tortoise

Returning Fosters from last month will include 8 more Ball Pythons so for all of you Ball Python lovers there will be plenty to go around.