The first Friday of the month is the usual monthly meeting day of the Minnesota Herpetological Society and and as usual there will be plenty of animals in need of homes available from the adoption committee.

In order to be eligible to adopt a reptile or amphibian from the MHS you must be a member of the MHS and you must be present at the meeting. The meeting takes place at Borlaug hall room 335 on the U of M Saint Paul campus Friday March 7th at 7:00pm. (1991 Upper Buford Circle Saint Paul MN)

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Available at the March meeting will be:

1 Crested Gecko, 1 Fat-tailed Gecko, 4 juvenile and 6 adult Breaded Dragons, 1 Veiled Chameleon, 1 baby Alligator,

1 Russian Tortiose, 1 yellow belly turtle, 1 painted turtle, 4 Ball Pythons, 1 Common Boa, and 2 Cornsnakes

No Red Eared Sliders (as yet) Yay!

There may be other animals available as well, we often get last minute drop offs. But the above animals will be there for sure and will be needing homes.

Please remember to bring insulating containers or wraps to transport the animals outside.