Hey guys,

So I was in my rat/ snake room cleaning tubs and I realized that I didn't upload pictures of my setup as I promised. The wire cages are going soon and will be replaced my tubs. I also have some Norway rats but I plan on getting rid of them. I only have one group because I bought mediums for someone who didn't pick them up lol..

Note: I am going to be doubling my rack space for ASF as NOBODY in my area is breeding anymore. Ergo I can help out some of my contacts LOL. Ultimately I plan on having 16 tubs by the newyear.


Rat Rack - My way

Small ASF tub (I don't plan on making more of these, IMHO they are too small. ATM I am doing an experiment to see how the tub size effects their production).

Overhead picture of the small bin, this one has a 1.4 colony. Mom#1 is sitting on 12 fuzzies.

Large bins. I like to do my racks like this. Although it takes up more space its EASY to clean, and I can take away a bin with me for snake feeding time, or if I have to make a delivery.


Overhead of my 1.2 that hasn't produced yet. I'm giving them another month before they become food.

ASF Mazuri Hopper

This colony is 1.2, with 13 hoppers, and 21 pinks

And just for fun some Norway weaned