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    BPnet Veteran Izzys Keeper's Avatar
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    Odds of finding my lost bp?

    Ok. Heres the story. Ive spent the last month on a $350 payment plan for a beautiful 2011 albino male bp. Finally brought him home Wednesday. Saturday i come home from work i see the tub is halfway out the rack and he has vanished. Turns out my 20 year old sister wanted to check up on the baby rat i had thrown in there the day before (which he already ate) and forgot to close the tub.

    I turned the basement it was in upside Down and meticulously examined everything in it piece by piece, moving each item to.the other side of the room after inspection. No snake. No holes in the finished walls or any way to get out. Checked the baseboard heater.boxspring,closet. Every suggestion on where to look that I've seen I've checked. To no avail

    I've set small aquariums with live rats all around the basement with heat pads and hides. No luck. Tried the plastic bags around the floor.

    Question is, I've heard all the success stories, but has anyone lost a snake and never found it? Im trying to be optimistic but its tough. Ive slept 4 hours in 3 days. I've been staying up listening for the snake goin over the bags. Sorry for the rant but Im feeling rather helpless/hopeless right now

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    BPnet Senior Member Rob's Avatar
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    Check all your electronics, they produce heat and that's what they go for. I found a snake of mine years ago inside my computer tower.
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    BPnet Veteran The Serpent Merchant's Avatar
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    Have you tried putting flour on the floor to see if he slithers through it?
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    BPnet Veteran alittleFREE's Avatar
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    When I was a small child, my family's RTB escaped and they never found it.

    That said, I've had another snake escape and found it about a week later - in my bed! I had a crested gecko escape that I found two months later on my ceiling. There's hope yet.

    I hope you find her! Anywhere small, dark, possibly warm...

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    BPnet Veteran satomi325's Avatar
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    2 of my snakes have gotten out in the past. They both were gone for exactly a week and were found in good condition. Well, I didn't exactly find them. They turned up in the open.

    If you don't want the mess of flour, you can spread out tin foil onto the floor. When the snake slithers over it, you can see the indented trail.

    Good luck!
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    BPnet Veteran Izzys Keeper's Avatar
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    Thought about flour but didn't think the snake would bother venturing out into the open floor. My room is in a high traffic area between rooms and the floor would just end up with footprints all over it and would be a pain to get up with all the humidity

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    BPnet Veteran zues's Avatar
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    You have a huge advantage over most people in your situation. You are looking for a yellow snake. Look through everything again. They can get in places you think are impossible. Check really good around your rack. Behind all the other tubs and under the rack. I have had two escape only to be found on a different shelf of the rack. Normally they will be found close to where they went missing. Can you post picks of your setup and room? We may be able to give you some suggestions on where to look.
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    BPnet Veteran Rawbbeh's Avatar
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    You will be surprised where they turn up! Good news is is that apparently you were housing him in the basement, so I would almost say that your chances of him still being there is 98% or better. Do you have a water heater down there? also, if you have any reclining chairs or couches, check up inside of them. (I wouldnt sit down anywhere) Recliners are typically hollow on the inside and with all the mechanisms it is a good hiding space for the lil guy to hide.

    Best of luck! and like what was said before, if you have hard wood floors, put some flour down around the edges of the wall and especially across doorway threshholds to see if it was passing bye that area. Even if you dont find him with this tactic right least you know hes around!
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    Registered User mykaija's Avatar
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    my family lost one of our bp's for almost exactly 5 months. i had given up hope of finding him, but he turned up, under our dresser, maybe 4 feet from his enclosure. and it was our cat that found him, the cat would look at the dresser and meow and look at me, almost like "your an idiot, pay attention to what im trying to tell you" so don't give up on him.

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    BPnet Veteran Izzys Keeper's Avatar
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    I would post pics if the rack/room but in the process of clearing my room item by item i moved the rack to the other side. The racks location is irrelevant to where the snake may be at this point. Just built some soda bottle traps and layed them around the basement

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