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    Re: Share Your Normals - Normals are Beautiful!

    OKAY! I finally got through all the pictures of the BEAUTIFUL normals! So, now, I get to show off mine!
    This is Draco

    And here is Perritas AKA Perry, my first girl who was a runt and is just now 816 at six years old... very much a runt, but she is my shining star who always has a wonderful attitude and loves to meet people! She's the greatest, even if she isn't that flashy.

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    This is my female Ball Python Cleopatra. I like the blushing on her head and the yellow fade on her belly. She hasn't lightened as she's gotten older and hasn't washed out any. In this one she's gravid and a little cranky. The dry spot on her nose is because she was digging in the vermiculite/perlite I put there so she could lay her eggs. (She looks fine now she's shed). She likes to dig, who would have thought it? I called her crazy for doing so. For some reason she was into it.

    I kinda like her colors better when she's not glowing... (She's in shed here because she just laid her eggs)

    Plus her personality is sweeter. I've never had trouble with her going off of food. *crosses fingers* She'll pack in 4 rats in a week if I let her (Which isn't often... sometimes she does clean up for the other snakes). She also knows its feeding time when I open her cage. And when I set her down she's already flexing her jaw. She also takes food when in early shed signs and sometimes during the winter.

    She laid last year too. 5 good eggs, but the weather killed three. TT I'm supervising more closely this year with a better set up. She's a good, reliable layer and if she wasn't underweight this year, I'd probably let her maternally incubate. I think with her even temperament she'd make a good mom.

    Currently about 1700 grams.

    This is one of her offspring. Male. I thought about holding him back because of the dorsal pattern you see here. I had quite a few offers for him because of his pattern. His father is a pastel. Cool pattern. Flighty eater though. His father is too. He was kinda dumb in the beginning, and I had to force feed him (past 3 months), then one day he got it. And it was kinda odd because at first he kinda seemed like he expected to be force fed. O.o; But I weened him over to adult mice/pinkie rats. He's got a good home now. He was outgoing type and liked coming out on regular routine. Also knew when feeding day was. Kinda took that from his mom. (His dad is damned timid--won't come out for anything.)

    Same clutch, different father. Picture is blurry because this snake did *not* want to be out of its hide. First move was its hide. Second move was its hide. But it was a reliable eater from day one and got it from the get go. When I sold the snake, it immediately clung to his new owner--kind of like, "I choose her... give me to her." Wrapped immediately around the new owner's body. The owner was kind of delighted. (Was shy about showing hemipenes, so I thought he was a girl at first).

    The fathers I uhh... I didn't take pictures of yet. The male normal isn't that spectacular for pattern (Some whit outling around the sides of his pattern in white, and blushing, but that's about it.) except his disposition for eating is fabulous and he's aggressive when it comes to breeding. He'll chase Cleopatra down and she'll run away from him sometimes. He's about 7 years old now? Previous Owner said he only produced male snakes for her. We'll see if I can break his record of misogyny. I named him Hercules, mainly for his style of hunting down rats. He can be odd as an eater. He'll sometimes kill it, leave it and then come back and eat it later. Probably because his previous owner did F/T

    I'm eyeing a few additional normals, but I'm not telling which ones... I will if I get to add them to my collection.

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    I realized I haven't posted any pictures of my normals, so here they are I seriously think they are both amazing and love their appearance as much as any of the morphs I have!

    First off is Matt Damon. He has a beautiful rich mahogany colour and really an awesome cheerio pattern. He's 66% het VPI axanthic, and I hope to prove him out just for fun when he grows up. I could seriously stare at this guy forever; he reminds me of a cup of coffee.

    And here was the first place he slithered while I was uploading the other pictures

    And this is Marcy. She is really light and with some banding. She's a 100% het VPI axanthic, and future girlfriend of Matt Damon. I just think she is adorable

    Thanks for looking

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    Indy!! She's het hypo, but I think she's extra bright--
    when I first brought her home from a show-

    0.1 Het Hypo- Indy
    The cup is useful because of it's emptiness

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    Indy is such a pretty girl!
    My first normal (Yea I started morphs, then normals..go figure lol)
    Isabella aka "Izzy"

    Couldn't fit all of her big butt in one cell pic lol

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    Re: Share Your Normals - Normals are Beautiful!

    I used cartoon on the picture because I thought it added a layer of child-like cuteness to it. This is Gaia and she's my sweety!
    ~~They may be cold blooded, but they warm my heart.~~

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    Getting my new normal boy today. Waiting on fedex now I swear its taking forever will def post pics of him when he gets here

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