Even though we have an auto censor that can catch the more common words, we don't allow folks to trip the censor. The reason for this is that that kind of language works like litter in a public park. A single bit here or there probably isn't a big deal to anyone...but if it's allowed to get tossed about without limits, pretty soon the atmosphere of what could be an otherwise lovely park is just trashy.

A TV show like Hell's Kitchen is no less trashy just because they bleep out all the cursing. (And I'm not knocking Hell's Kitchen...I love it! Trash has its place! LOL) We don't want that kind of litter dirtying our lovely environment here.

We do have two exceptions to this rule. One is in the QT room, and that exception is explained in a sticky thread at the top of that forum.

The other is wilomn's private forum called "Nothing of Consequence." In this forum, we allow Wes to fully express himself through his art. His work here is not "litter" but more like finely wrought graffiti. It's sometimes a little gritty, but never vulgar and never without purpose. And because us admins like it, and we get to make the rules, we've decided to allow it.

In short...no one (not even Wes/wilomn) is allowed to trip the censor in the main public forums of the site, but we do make an exception to that rule limited to this forum and specifically to wilomn's written art. All replies to said work still fall under standard site rules and procedures.