Ok so I know this is a blog section and this isnt exactly a blog but the more I do my job the more I see how petty people can be. Im a DJ at a gentleman's club and I see people all day take for granted what they have so I thought Id pass along some of my experiences to help keep things in prospective.

My story starts May 5 2002 when My mom was murdered By my step dad (Former Sheriff) over a bottle of whiskey. We know this is why because he accidently video taped it. They were extream alchoholics attepting to quit. They were celebrating finishing the wood floor they had just done. They got into a fight were he beat her.

He got out the video cammera asking her to show the marks. Her demeanor went from you hit me and hurt me to lets just share the bottle. She grabbed the bottle and ran off to the other couch. He tossed the cammera down thinking he had turned it off. You hear him beating her untill he got the gun out. He shot her behind the ear then stated "your dead"

He was later convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to Life without parole. Fast forward to June 8th 2003. I was in a verry serious car wreck. Bieng young and dumb I hat a tree at my drivers door going 147 mph at impact after sliding 500 feet. I spent 3 weeks in a comma, Was ressetated twice, a total of a month in ICU and 2 months in the hospital. I spent over 6 months in a wheelchair and walker because of the 6 lbs of metal they put in my leg to rebuild it.

Moral of all this. Dont take things for life including life itself. You never know when it all can be lost