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    Minor changes in shipping boxes/labels..

    Ive seen a couple people talking about issues they are having with shipping reptiles. Snakes in particular. One girl on my myspace list was telling me every UPS and FEDEX near her was refusing to ship snakes of anykind now. Even if booked through

    Ive noticed that on the shipments of snakes ive recently recieved, the boxes no longer have the "live reptiles" sticker on it..

    It still says perishable, right side up, handle with care etc..

    So am i wrong to assume that we are better off not making it obvious exactly whats in the package now?

    Maybe these companies are getting scared due to all the snake ban threats? Or maybe they believe there IS a new ban?

    Has anyone else run into this problem with shipping recently? It seems to me that many breeders have already caught on to this issue and have adjusted the labeling on the boxes to assure they still get their snakes shipped.

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    Re: Minor changes in shipping boxes/labels..

    With Fedex you have to be certified to ship live reptiles. If you are certified using Fedex isn't a problem as far as I know.

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    Re: Minor changes in shipping boxes/labels..

    if you are fedex certified or you go with syr and they refuse im pretty sure they are violation of a contract.
    then again if they just went in asking to ship their snake they will tell you they dont do it.

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    Re: Minor changes in shipping boxes/labels..

    Often employees are just ignorant on the matter. Whenever I ship with FedEx I always bring a copy of my certificate saying I'm certified to ship live reptiles.

    When I moved last year, the first couple of times I shipped from the new hub, having the contract was necessary as initially they refused it. Now everyone there knows me so I don't need it, but I still bring it just in case.

    I haven't used SYR (mostly because in my experience UPS stinks for delivering things at a given time), so I'm not sure what to do in that situation.

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    Re: Minor changes in shipping boxes/labels..

    I had a package refused once from a FedEx Kinkos. They said that they are a privately owned business and can refuse any package for any reason. The funny thing is the package was a test package that did not have any snakes in it. They still would not ship. I have since just had either FedEx or UPS pickup from my house and have not had any issues. I do not add anything to the sides of my boxes. The boxes are from Superior Enterprise and say "Perishable" and "This Side Up".
    Eddie Strong, Jr.

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