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  1. 1L F10 SC veterinary disinfectant Available in Canada!


    I have about a dozen bottles of F10 SC available for sale in Canada. Contact me at

    1L bottles $110.00 including shipping within Canada. ($10.00 discount per bottle for local pickup at Dufferin/Rutherford).

    1 bottle of F10 will produce roughly 250 Liters of disinfectant!! If you don't need a large bottle, buy it and split it with your friends. Well worth it

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    F10 ...
  2. DIY 9 Tub Breeder Rack (lightweight plastic shelving unit)

    Quote Originally Posted by SlitherinSisters View Post
    I saw a video on YouTube on how to make this rack and I love it! It's very easy to make, fairly inexpensive, lightweight, and you can take it apart in minutes.

    The finished product, it will cost just under $300 including the flexwatt. I'm still debating on putting sides on the rack, it's nice to be able to see any breeding going on without opening the tub.
  3. So I can keep track of my glowing/laying/oving timeline

    (I keep a blog of sorts on my site so I can keep track of dates)

    February, I have pictures of her head looking like this in January too

    May, that means she was glowing for 1-2 months before she ovulated
  4. A quick update on my collection

    It has been a while since I have posted anything in here, and I would like to give a quick update. Life has just been crazy lately, and the collection just keeps growing. Right now I am up to 24 snakes. I have added to the boa collection, I currently own 3, and really have been enjoying them. I am sure that I will be adding one or two more in the near future. As I have said before, they are so much different than bp's. I have also added a few adult females to my collection. My best news to report ...
  5. Boa's behavior

    A few months a go I picked up my first boa. She is a beautiful coral albino. All I can say is that she is quickly becoming one of my favorite snakes. Her behavior is so much different than my bp's. She is always watching what is going on from her tub and is rarely hiding. The only time that she hides is after she has eaten. She is always ready for a meal, and never has refused to eat for me.Which leads me to today's post. I fed her today, and I knew she was going to shed soon. A few days ago she ...