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  1. Meet "Gomez"the Guyana bcc

    Quote Originally Posted by Bodie View Post
    Wow! Great pics as always
    He is a real handsome guy.

    Great photos. Love his pink tones.
  2. If you can't control it, don't own it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ax01 View Post
    that boa had to have been on the loose for a bit. it was in the ceiling/floorboards or vent. i wonder if the owner reported it lost. either way, keep if securely caged or on a leash.
    I dunno. A determined Boa can cover a surprising amount of ground in a short period of time.
  3. Thinking of Starting or Advancing?

    I tend to ramble on from time to time about different subjects when I have time to think about something good to blog about. This one is going to be for anybody that's looking to get into the hobby, or advance to different steps in the hobby and by that I mean from starter snakes to the not so stater snakes, to the higher level of experience needed snakes.

    I'm sure for any of us that have visited reptile shows, or even pet stores tend to see people that are interested in getting into ...
  4. Feeders & Breeders

    For ft feeders, I'll list several and my thoughts on them and I'll start with what I have experience with.

    Big Cheese Rodents - This place is my go to place as they're based out of Texas(next door state). I've spent thousands of dollars with him and placed many orders. The quality of the feeders are great and the customer service is top notch. One of the best things is the way they package their feeders. They are all vacuum sealed and they use trays to put the feeders on to keep them ...
  5. Female that recently laid??

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Green View Post
    I would say 95+% of my females will eat right after egg laying if everything is cleaned well; however, there always seems to be one that refuses no matter what I do. When this has happened they always seem to start eating within a week or so after their eggs hatch even though their eggs were taken away and incubated separately.

    So if you have not done so clean the tub well (including water dish), and wipe down your female with chlorhexidine and if this still does not ...
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