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Judy's Weightloss Journey

Maybe if the struggle of the journey is shared, the burden will feel a little lighter? Let's see where this takes us!

  1. Day Fiftyeight -- Great Googely Moogely!

    by , 10-27-2010 at 06:04 PM (Judy's Weightloss Journey)

    Three and a half more pounds flushed down the drain!!

    It's not nearly so hard at this point as I was afraid it might be. Certainly, it gets OLD sometimes. And occasionally last night when I cooked sausage for the boys...ohhhhh, the smell of it and look of it was driving me nuts! That's probably the hardest part of all, is simply when I have to fix "real" ...
  2. Day Fiftyfour -- All the pieces...

    by , 10-24-2010 at 02:40 AM (Judy's Weightloss Journey)

    ...are finally coming together for me. A question I asked myself the other day (and intended to answer sooner here but hadn't gotten to it yet) is "If all this is 'so easy' then why didn't you do this years ago?" There isn't really a simple answer for that, but I will do my best to try to define what makes me tick.

    First off, we're talking about a lifetime of bad habits...multiple decades ...

    Updated 10-24-2010 at 03:57 AM by JLC

  3. Day Fiftytwo -- Three more...

    by , 10-21-2010 at 04:43 AM (Judy's Weightloss Journey)

    ...pounds...down the drain!

    It's crazy late...but I wasn't able to sleep and didn't want to let the day go completely by without sharing my good news!

    I hope I can maintain about a 3 pound loss per week. I don't know how realistic that is, especially at my age...but I'm hoping even so. Even at that rate...I have to be careful not to get discouraged at "how ...

    Updated 10-21-2010 at 04:44 AM by JLC

  4. Day Fiftyone -- Hold the Course

    by , 10-20-2010 at 01:32 AM (Judy's Weightloss Journey)

    I totally spaced on writing yesterday. And almost did today, too. I go through....phases...I guess...not sure what to call it....where it seems like my brain just flips off and stress levels rise for no discernible reason. Could be hormonal? I'm hoping that the frequency of occurrence will decrease over time as my body's overall health dramatically increases. But until then....guess I still have ...

    Updated 10-20-2010 at 01:33 AM by JLC

  5. Day Fotynine -- Catching Up

    by , 10-18-2010 at 01:35 AM (Judy's Weightloss Journey)

    It was about impossible to keep up with this while my Mom was here. Plus, I spilled water on my keyboard the other day and frizted it all to heck. I could still type, but had to constantly go back and correct all the random characters being thrown in. And even the arrow keys were sending me extra characters, so it was a serious pain. Ok to get me through small typing chores, but not something I wanted to ...
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