Infraction System

This is a means of maintaining order and applying our TOS/Site Rules in as fair and consistent a manner as possible.


Infraction -- Number of Points
Definition of Infraction

Please be Careful -- 0 point Warning
A warning for minor infractions to those who may be new and unsure of our rules, as well as to long-standing members who accidentally let something slip but have no other current warnings or infractions on their account.

Advertising Warning -- 0 point Warning
A warning for those posting outside of our Advertising Rules for the first time.

Name Calling -- 2 pts
Your general, every-day name calling.

Aggressive Name Calling -- 20 pts
Far more blatant Name Calling...attitude as well as the language will be taken into consideration.

Personal Slurs -- 5 pts
Referring to someone's gender, intelligence, race, religion, etc in a derogatory manner. Mocking someone's ability to type or spell will fall under this one as well.

Aggressive Personal Slurs -- 30 pts
Same as above, but with the full intent to hurt and demean.

Inappropriate Language -- 2 pts
This includes mild cursing...triggering the censor smilies (with real curse words...not accidental words that are spelled the same)...trying to skirt the censor. Also includes non-curse words that are inappropriate such as sexual innuendos, racist remarks or jokes, etc. Words that are NOT censored are damn, hell, and ass. But you may not call someone an ass.

Extreme Language -- 20 pts
Cursing or other extreme language with the intent to cause harm to either another member or the site.

Advertising Rules -- 5 pts
Given to anyone posting ads outside of the Sales Forum, for linking to ads, or otherwise breaking any of the Advertising Rules.

Advertising Offender -- 20 pts
Given to someone who has already earned the 5 point advertising infraction and continues to violate the Advertising Rules.

General Hostility -- 5 pts
Pretty much all other forms of basic, non-extreme hostility that are not already defined above.

Dangerous Advice -- 10 pts
Telling someone to do something completely contrary to known safe methods of husbandry. Not something "different" from normal methods, but things known to be dangerous or potentially harmful. Whether in jest or in seriousness, it matters not.

Illegal Activity -- 10 pts
Including but not limited to posts about or links to warez/pirating of copyrighted material, illegal drug or alcohol usage, and illegal ownership or trafficking of species.

Disrespect Toward Staff -- 50 pts
Open disrespect toward any staff member, especially with the intent to undermine their authority or damage their credibility.

Disrespect Toward Site -- 50 pts
Being aggressively critical about the site and/or its community, especially with the intent to discredit or undermine our purpose here.

Violent Talk -- 50 pts
Suggestions of violence towards any other member, including, but not limited to, death threat, suggesting a member kill themselves, physical threats, etc.


Accumulation of 100 points = 30 day ban
Points remain in place even after a member returns from their ban
An accumulation of a total of 150 points = permanent ban from the site

Infractions earned will "fade" after a period of time, anywhere from 30 days to a year, depending on the severity.

Members will no longer be put on "Moderated Status" (meaning that they have all their posts pre-approved by staff). It will be up to each individual member to adhere to the clearly stated TOS/Rules of this Site. If they cannot, then they will no longer be able to participate here.

Infraction Points earned may be appealed, but NOT openly debated in the public forums. If you feel you have unfairly received an Infraction, you MUST send a Private Message to any one of the admins (JLC, dr del, mlededee) to have your case reviewed. Public complaint will not help your case and may hurt it.

This system will be monitored and frequently reviewed to ensure its efficacy. It is subject to change as needed. Any questions or comments on this system may be sent via Private Message to JLC.

(Updated by JLC - 14 Dec 2010)