Rules for Free Advertising on
Classifieds and Forum threads

1. All members are subject to an annual limit of ads they may post. Registered Users may post up to FIVE ads annually. Due to the fact that this is a recent change and reduction in their limit, the count for all Registered Users starts at zero as of January 22, 2009. Veterans may post up to 15 new ad threads annually. Silver, Gold and Platinum members are each allowed a higher limit of ads annually. For more information, please read this announcement:

2. You must be in good standing within the reptile community to post any ads here. If you are unsure of your standing, you may PM an admin and ask.

3. The animal/item/service being offered for sale must belong to, and be in possession of, the person placing the ad. You may NOT create a sale ad for someone else.

4. Comments are NOT allowed on ad-threads posted by other members. This artificially bumps the ad back to the top and knocks other, newer ads toward the bottom. ALL correspondence about the ad must take place via PMs or e-mail.

5. Each member placing an ad is allowed two free "bumps" and then the ad must be allowed to "fall." A "bump" is defined as any post made that causes the ad to jump back to the top of the queue. Subsequent bumps will be deleted and the ad locked. Repeated abuse of this rule may result in the member losing the ability to place any ads.

6. While we allow some "off topic" ads to be placed, the following list of items are NOT allowed to be offered for sale at Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, guns, or any items that might be considered "adult oriented."

7. Any advertising done outside the designated areas will be deleted without notice. Any advertising done within the areas but outside of these rules will also be deleted, but notice may or may not be sent, depending on the circumstances. --- One exception to this rule: Posts or threads made for or by USARK or PIJAC for the purpose of drawing attention to or soliciting help for their cause will be allowed to remain. The work they do is critical for the survival of our hobby and thereby this site as well.

8. Admin/staff reserves the right to pull any ad for any reason. If we do so, notice will be sent to the original poster explaining why.

9. New rule regarding the current ban on interstate trade of certain species. Due to new government regulations now in place in America, any ads for the following species MUST contain the seller's current state of residence AND a reminder that all sales for these species MUST take place within that state. These species include: Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus), yellow anaconda (Eunectes notaeus), and either subspecies of the African rock python (Python sebae) as well as any hybrids of these animals. Failure to include the seller's state of residence and the reminder of in-state sales will result in the ad being deleted. is here to serve the community of both current and new enthusiasts of herps. Our primary mission is to educate and support those wanting to learn. These free advertising areas are for our contributing members to use and not intended as a free way to run a business. Members already paying for ad space may exceed the normal annual limit, but are subject to all other rules listed.

If you are unsure about whether your ad is allowed, or if you have any other questions regarding advertising on, please contact an admin via PMs.


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