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  • RickySRonin's Avatar
    Today, 06:17 AM
    RickySRonin replied to a thread A few odd bits. in General BP's
    This definitely sounds like a humidity issue if he's not shedding all in one piece. You should be bumping up the humidity in your enclosure during...
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  • KL888's Avatar
    Today, 05:54 AM
    KL888 started a thread A few odd bits. in General BP's
    Good morning everyone. 2 or possible 3 part question here. So last night I was doing my visual inspection of the habitat and my snake. Everything...
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  • richardhind1972's Avatar
    Today, 05:41 AM
    So sorry for your loss to you and your family Dave. I'm sure she will sadly missed by you, Katie and the rest of her doggie freinds Sent from...
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  • Thomas S's Avatar
    Today, 03:56 AM
    Thomas S replied to a thread BP not Eating in BP Husbandry
    LOL, you got that right! before i got my B.P, all the Info i read on them is that they are Beginner/Easy pets to care for? Wait a minute, are they...
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  • Sournickel1408's Avatar
    Today, 03:43 AM
    Well I had a humidity box with sphagnum moss and kept misting to keep humidity up to like 80 and I keep the glass terrarium clean also using prococo...
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  • Reptile_love's Avatar
    Today, 02:37 AM
    Wow, she/he looks amazing(I know I'm late) I just got my pearl het granite on Saturday, you can see his pattern easily on his neck but then it all...
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  • Tmacsballs's Avatar
    Today, 02:11 AM
    Tmacsballs replied to a thread RIP - Bailey in Rainbow Bridge
    oh somehow i missed the most important part of my story. She ended up a bump on her, got it looked at and nothing major, then a year later another,...
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  • Tmacsballs's Avatar
    Today, 02:07 AM
    Tmacsballs replied to a thread RIP - Bailey in Rainbow Bridge
    Sorry for your loss and I hope you take the love and time you spent with Bailey and the other animals or family members will pick up that time and...
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  • KMG's Avatar
    Today, 02:07 AM
    Nothing to worry about feeding mice. Many do when their snake needs smaller feeders..... Moving to rats once the snake needs a larger prey item. You...
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  • KMG's Avatar
    Today, 02:01 AM
    KMG replied to a thread Won't go in hide in General BP's
    If the snake had secure hides I would agree to let it do it's thing. Being that it doesn't I would make them more secure feeling and let the snake...
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  • dakski's Avatar
    Today, 01:58 AM
    dakski replied to a thread RIP - Bailey in Rainbow Bridge
    Thanks Bogertophis. We do find solace in that for sure. I'd also be lying if I said we don't feel some relief knowing she's not in pain now. That, of...
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  • Bogertophis's Avatar
    Today, 01:46 AM
    Bogertophis replied to a thread RIP - Bailey in Rainbow Bridge
    What a sweet and beautiful dog Bailey was- I'm so sorry for your loss, but I agree with your vet- you did everything you possibly could & she had a...
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  • dakski's Avatar
    Today, 01:23 AM
    dakski started a thread RIP - Bailey in Rainbow Bridge
    We lost our 9+ year old lab mix, Bailey, yesterday. Katie rescued her when she was about a year old, supposedly, but was never 100% sure. I had...
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  • Bogertophis's Avatar
    Today, 01:17 AM
    The shed was probably THE reason- & snakes seem to feel them coming & know before we can see any signs, so when your snake refuses food, wait a few...
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  • Born2rage's Avatar
    Today, 01:08 AM
    Thank you so much for the advice. He's definitely spoiled with lots of places to hide and explore. A side note, he's been lethargic all week and...
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  • HiddenQWERTY's Avatar
    Today, 01:07 AM
    Thank you very for your knowledge and explanation. I feel more comfortable now.
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  • Bogertophis's Avatar
    Today, 12:51 AM
    Those are spurs, & perfectly normal. Those are the vestigial remains of their hip/leg bones from the past: snakes evolved from lizards that crawled...
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  • HiddenQWERTY's Avatar
    Today, 12:42 AM
    Hello everyone, I just got a new ball python this weekend, he is doing great and super chill. I offer him a rat on his second day and he took it...
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  • cuteaspied's Avatar
    Today, 12:33 AM
    I'll definitely try this next time then, thanks! And I want to feed only rats but unfortunately I got the mice before I even got the BP. I didn't...
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  • Luvyna's Avatar
    Today, 12:14 AM
    I'd like to add some ball python-safe plants to my new enclosure but I want to be really careful not to put in anything that could harm my BP. I've...
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  • Daniel_Effler's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:33 PM
    If I have ever seen a Chinese dragon egg that would be one. Beautiful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • jmcrook's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM
    jmcrook replied to a thread Morellia Madness in Morelia
    This is a first. Found lil miss “I never use my perches” going full chondro this morning when doing my rounds. Whatever makes you happy, Sally Jo... ...
    332 replies | 37458 view(s)
  • Zincubus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:37 PM
    I initially thought that last clip ( the Gaboon viper ) was a toy snake !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    7 replies | 188 view(s)
  • Caitlin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:35 PM
    Caitlin replied to a thread Hello! in Introduce Yourself!
    Re: enclosure size. Honestly it seems to come down to individual snakes. While young Ball Pythons are definitely sensitive to enclosure size and...
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  • Caitlin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:30 PM
    Caitlin replied to a thread Won't go in hide in General BP's
    It's worth trying some of the strategies suggested to make the hides feel more secure. It's also worth considering...just doing nothing. You've been...
    8 replies | 117 view(s)
  • Lord Sorril's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:46 PM
    Lord Sorril replied to a thread Snakes and Stones in BP Pictures
    Thanks, this thread just got started. I have tumbled fluorite, but, not calcite yet. Photo #6 is actually Mexican Fluorite in Quartz...
    163 replies | 32978 view(s)
  • WeezerFan204's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:42 PM
    WeezerFan204 replied to a poll Should I get a fish in Fish
    I got a Reeves' turtle, i love the lil guys. A friend of mine had one and he was very cute. I knew that i'd get a Reeves' turtle next, it was just a...
    29 replies | 502 view(s)
  • Lizrd_boy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:35 PM
    Hi! just an update, I donated 1,000 to a local reptile rescue, and ive used a few for my lizards, so I have about 4,000 left. I can offer a good...
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  • Bogertophis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:26 PM
    Bogertophis replied to a thread Mites treatment in General BP's
    So I just watched this & he seems to be promoting olive oil from one instance where a snake he got had a few mites & after this treatment, the mites...
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  • KMG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:02 PM
    KMG replied to a thread Won't go in hide in General BP's
    I would guess it has nothing to do with the shed and everything to do with feeling secure. If the hide is not giving the snake a secure feeling it is...
    8 replies | 117 view(s)
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