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Shelby Sketch

Added by Shelby
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by Shelby
springpercy  Shelby Sketch  Cupid Sketch
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Description by Shelby


By Shelby

Comments for Shelby Sketch (8)

  1. #1 Cheshire_Python
    Re: Shelby Sketch
    I love this sketch, it's beautiful <3
  2. #2 BostonMacK
    Re: Shelby Sketch
    Nicely done! You sure captured the texture and shine of a BP.
  3. #3 BastianUSA
    Re: Shelby Sketch
    very good job,kudos to you.
  4. #4 drugaria
    Re: Shelby Sketch
    absolutely amazing you're very talented.
  5. #5 kojack8389
    Re: Shelby Sketch
    Wow you are really talented
  6. #6 stevelvd
    Re: Shelby Sketch
    Wow, that looks very realistic! I love the shadows and highlights in this.
  7. #7 Flawless
    Re: Shelby Sketch
    Quote Originally Posted by drugaria
    absolutely amazing you're very talented.

  8. #8 simpsara8
    Re: Shelby Sketch
    wow, that's an awesome piece, so realistic with the details you took with the skin and scales. I love it!