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Starscream closeup

Added by 4theSNAKElady
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Lombardi Had A Few Too Many...  Starscream closeup  pastel twins
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  Description for Starscream closeup

Description by 4theSNAKElady


Starscream is the most neurotic of of all my snakes....she never ceases to amuse me!

Comments for Starscream closeup (7)

  1. #1 Blu Mongoose
    Re: Starscream closeup
    Starscream is so nice!!! Keep the pics coming! Hoping to get one as soon as we get our new house.
  2. #2 Vomitore
    Re: Starscream closeup
    Starscream? ... She named after a Transformer?
  3. #3 Chanarita
    Re: Starscream closeup
    What kind of snake is that? ITS FREAKIN GORGEOUS!
  4. #4 Gurgie
    Re: Starscream closeup
    I totally agree with you Chanarita...with an emphasis on the FREAKIN part LOL

    I'm dying to know now what she is!!
  5. #5 Christina
    Re: Starscream closeup
    that is an amazing snake! i don't know if i've seen anyone else quite like that! what kind is it?
  6. #6 DarkComeSoon
    Re: Starscream closeup
    its a leucistic rat snake
  7. #7 TessDeLioncourt
    Re: Starscream closeup
    She's gorgeous!