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October '05 - Basuca

Added by basuca
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October '05 - Basuca

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by basuca
one of my 2007 babies and mom!  October '05 - Basuca  Oct '04 - Gen
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Comments for October '05 - Basuca (6)

  1. #1 Sithlord
    Re: October '05 - Basuca
    The Force is Strong with this one.
  2. #2 IamKaervek
    Re: October '05 - Basuca
    Great picture! Do you have any other photos of your friend's terrarium? I'm a huge fan of the natural look, and you seem to have quite a grasp on how to capture that. Looks great!
  3. #3 basuca
    Re: October '05 - Basuca
    that is not a terrarium that is a pic at my yard, and thx!!!
  4. #4 geckoplus
    Re: October '05 - Basuca
    wow! nice...
  5. #5 brelea79
    Re: October '05 - Basuca
    I like the capture of the baby. Beautiful. I am a proud new owner of a female ball, and I love her. She is so amazing to watch. I'll have to post a picture that was taken earlier today. She crawled around my eyeglasses and layed down!
  6. #6 Live Oceanic
    Re: October '05 - Basuca
    I've got a female normal; and she's my favourite girl in the world. Very good picture,