I have 2 Rat/Rodent Racks for sale. $100/Each or $175 for both. Built using the stewart reptiles blueprints (sorry for stealing the pic - I can't find my camera currently). The gf is moving in and while she's tolerant of the snakes and gecko- the mice and rats are just too much for her to take.

Both racks are 6 tier and can hold/bred a lot of rats. I'd love to see a fellow BP.netter put them to good use. If you take both I'll even toss in the breeding pairs I have left. What can I say - I gave up some rats and mice but I gained a great gf. I think I did pretty well in that trade.

Email me at Scalibound@yahoo.com if your interested. Located in Bonsall, CA (Oceanside by back gate of Camp Pendelton)