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    Re: Introducing a New Method for Enforcing TOS/Site Rules

    Quote Originally Posted by wilomn View Post

    Another word you seem to have improper grasp of the actual meaning of. You see, above is, if my count is correct, an 80 word post.

    I hardly think that qualifies as a lot. A LOT, using a very loose and unlooked up definition, would seem to be more than a few, far more than several, and way more than a bunch.

    Heck, just on this site I've written posts that must be several hundred words and I'd hardly qualify them as being made up of a LOT of words. Of course, I am prone to verbiage so perhaps it's just me.

    Still though, I think, once again, that you have misspoken yourself. You seem to make a habit of this and you may want to look into it. It leads to hoofinmouth disease and severe toeandtonsil trauma (from having your feet shoved so far into your oral orifice) which can be most distressing not only to you yourself but those to whom you speak.

    I don't recall the number of snakes you have coming into question, but then I seem to be the only one who recalled that it was YOU who brought "text book" definitions into this thread.

    What does, if you don't mind not answering yet another question, the number of snakes you have got to do with the communistic slant this site has, according to you only, taken of late.

    Are you intentionally trying to confuse me?
    Nahh.. I'm done answering your questions.

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    "...and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him."

    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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    Re: Introducing a New Method for Enforcing TOS/Site Rules

    If by communist he meant oppressive, cold war, russian mafia... No, I can't see it as being communist.

    If by communist he meant, cookie cutter responses, punishment for free thinking, the ruling class puts down the little guy.... nah, don't see it as communist.

    How does a structered environment with rules and checks to keep it family friendly get construed as communist and oppressive?

    If it were communist and oppressive... would there be any

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    Re: Introducing a New Method for Enforcing TOS/Site Rules

    Since everyone seems to be finished actually discussing the details of the Infraction System, it seems like it's time to close this thread. Thanks to those who continued to bump it to the top of the active threads list make sure to bring it to the attention of all our members.

    Seriously though...if anyone has any questions regarding the new system, or wishes to comment about it, the staff PM boxes are always available.
    -- Judy

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