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View Poll Results: How much have you spent or would you ever spend on a single ball python?

1027. You may not vote on this poll
  • Less than $500

    282 27.46%
  • $500-1000

    323 31.45%
  • $1k-2.5K

    220 21.42%
  • $2.5k-5k

    90 8.76%
  • $5k-10k

    51 4.97%
  • $10k+

    61 5.94%
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    BPnet Veteran dboeren's Avatar
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    Atlanta, GA
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    Personally I'm not a big ball python fan. Getting one is not out the question, but I wouldn't spend a lot - probably $250 or less, and it would really have to catch my eye to jump ahead of the other species I'm more interested in.

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    Registered User Snagrio's Avatar
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    I only have the one that I just got less than a week ago, but he was $250 (banana). Think the most I'd ever spend is $500 if I REALLY wanted to get something fancy, like a highway/freeway. But honestly if there's a second snake in my future I think I'd go with a colubrid, likely a corn, before another BP.

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    Registered User Namea's Avatar
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    I don't care about morphs much so I probably wouldn't spend more than 2-300. I've never spent more than 150 though. Most of the time the snakes I've owned as pets have kinda fallen into my lap. Usually someone who knows me hears about someone who needs to rehome a snake and gives out my contact info. Depending on what the snake needs/temperment/etc. I usually rehab and rehome them. However this year we finally own our home and our son is old enough that my husband said it was okay for me to start owning snakes again as pets and not just in my snake room. Spoiler: I may need a second snake room soon just for the pet ones. A breeder friend of mine recently offered me a BEL girl for free and I'm probably gonna take her. I may not care about morphs but she is so damn sweet.
    Some girls were horse girls growing up. I was a snake girl.

    Daughter of a herpetologist, student of the "Snake Man" Al Robbins, lover of all animals.
    Almost done with my DVM! Finally!

    I specialize in rehabilitation and work with local fish and wildlife for rehab/release of native species. For exotics I work with reptile sanctuaries to rehabilitate and rehome to either qualified private owners or humane licensed facilities. I do not believe in fatal population control.
    Please feel free to message me with any questions. I don't know everything but I can point you towards resources.
    Do not message me with images of a snake you killed to identify it. I will ignore you.

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    Registered User
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    Harrisburg, PA
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    Paid $150 for my Banana boy but I'd probably go up to $1000 for the right BP. It is crazy to see how I can pay $150 for something now that was over $10k less than a decade ago which makes me cautious about spending big money on something that I may not truly love or that would really be "worth it" if that makes sense.

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    Registered User Spicey's Avatar
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    St. Louis, Missouri
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    Re: What's the most you've ever spent or would spend on a single bp?

    Quote Originally Posted by ladywhipple02 View Post

    EDIT: With that said, I'd like to get to the point where I can spend 10-15K on a snake and not bat an eyelash.

    Wouldn't we all?
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    Registered User Trinityblood's Avatar
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    $500 maybe?

    Around $200 seems to be where single gene morphs and some combos become more available. That's not a bad starting point.
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    BPnet Veteran nikkubus's Avatar
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    I want to say the most I've spent so far on a single BP is $650. Easily could see myself spending $3-5k for the right investment animal if I had the money not only for that snake, but the right stuff to go with it. I don't think I'd spend more than that because of how crazy fast the price tends to depreciate for that tier, but if the market behavior changes, maybe! I'd easily spend a lot more on certain other species with more stable price points.
    7.22 BP 1.4 corn 1.1 SD retic 0.1 hognose

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    Registered User BeansTheDerp's Avatar
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    Re: What's the most you've ever spent or would spend on a single bp?

    the BP I'm getting is 50 bucks because it's a baby and just a normal morph and they have dozens, I think the MOST that I would ever spend is like 500 to 750. but that's only my perspective/answer for now. might change my mind in the future.
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    Registered User JacksReptiles's Avatar
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    Kansas City, KS
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    Most I have spent is $900!
    Checkout my YouTube channel! I post Ball Python Morph Combo videos daily:

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