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    BPnet Veteran Adam_Wysocki's Avatar
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    Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    So it’s my second day back at work. All of the snakes have been fed and we’re working on cleaning cages. I have sooooo much to get caught up on it’s scary (emails are a biggie, so if you’re waiting on a response I’m getting there).

    All that said, I just wanted to take a few minutes and say thank you. Last weekend was a hugely successful weekend for 8 Ball Pythons. This little snake company has been a dream of mine since I was probably about 8 years old. It’s taken a long time and a lot of hard work, but I’m finally “getting there” and I’m doing it my way. I owe so many people … each and everyone one of you … for helping me make my dream come true.

    I don’t remember a lot of the weekend … between the coronas, the shots, the lack of sleep, the anxiety attacks, and all of the work it was rough … but here is a short list of many of the people that I would like to thank for their help, support, love, and friendship. You guys make 8 Ball Pythons what it is … I’m just the guy that cleans the snake poop.

    Vaughn and Charmaine – You guys are THE BEST! … Thank you for putting up with my lateness, my cell phone, dragging my ace down and back and letting me crash in your home … and thank you for being two of the best friends anyone could ever have. I owe you both more than words can ever express.

    Brad and Lindsay – Linds first … I luv ya to death!!! You always make me smile and running full out with you in my arms was one of my favorite moments in Daytona … you’re a hottie that puts up with my cr@p … I couldn’t ask for more. Brad, you’re hands down one of the coolest guys I know and will be a friend for a long time. We’ve been rocking it for a long time and I owe you big. Thank you brother! I can’t wait to have you guys up to the shop in a couple of weeks … we’ll have a lot of fun!

    Charlie aka “the Rican”, aka “the Ninja” and Rachel … Brother! The 8 Ball wrecking crew is now complete (actually we might not even need Vaughn anymore) … Anything you ever need, you know I’ve got your back … that’s how I roll. I’m still baffled how you managed to marry such an amazingly beautiful, smart, and funny woman … seems to me that it’s a testament to what a great guy you are! Thank you for being a true friend.

    Jaime and Ryan – Glad you two were able to hook up in Daytona. You both make a cute couple and are very funny together. Best of luck with the adoption!! …. You know what’s up bro, thank you for holding it down, bringing the funny, and not punching me in the head when I was going crazy.

    Jason “the Swede” – Dude! Thank you. You are a rock star, a party machine, and a great friend. I’m stoked that we got to hang out and the 8 Ball crew won’t ever be the same unless you’re there.

    Chris “LT” – Cuey Mc Foot Rub … thank you for the good times, the hook ups, and just being an amazing friend every single day. You helped me make this Daytona as good as it was for my dream (8 Ball Pythons). Thank you.

    Christie – You are sooo beautiful and a great friend from way back! … It kills me that I wasn’t able to find a way to make more time to spend with you. It was a crazy weekend, but your smile calmed me down and helped me get through.

    Robin and Karl – Rabs, I luv ya! … I can’t think of a bigger 8 Ball supporter in the world. You hook me up and always have my back. I know I’m not always the best keep in touch friend in the world, but please know that I’m always thinking about you. Karl … what can I say … you’re my brother and always will be … if you ever need me just holla, I’ll be down in the ATL in the blink of an eye. You two will always be “family”.

    Susan – Lil Susie Q!! … Thank you for being a friend and junk. You are funny in a way that most people will never get and I luv ya. Thanks for the video commentary and all of the hair spray … was that aqua net?

    Logan – I don’t know if you’ll ever see this you crazy big bearded son of a gun, but you ROCK brother! … Tell Juliet Lewis she needs to come to Daytona next year. Oh, and stay out of my room.

    Melissa “MeMe” – Thank you for bringing the party and saying sock it to the haters. You ROCK! … The videos are crazy funny and the kick in the ace when I was freaking out was exactly what I needed. You are a saint for letting my neurotic ace yell at you while you filmed. You’ve forever changed the way the 8 Ball crew throws it down!

    Monic – You sexy little minx!! … Where did you go? … My offer still stands! … LOL … Just kidding (or am I?) … Thank you for hanging out. You’re sooo much fun to be around and the fact that you are smokin hot helped too! When are we going spelunking?

    Joe “Broseph” – Doooooooouuuuude! Thank you. I think you were my official secret weapon when it came to advertising this weekend. You rock for getting on the video, handing out cards, and just being an all around great guy and friend to me and the whole crew. Make those plans for next year cause we ain’t partying without you!

    Sarah and Jeff – It was sooo awesome to meet you guys and I wish I had more time to hang out. I hate that I was stretched so thin. But the good news is that I’ll see you guys in Arlington and we’ll do it up 8 Ball style all over again! I’ll even bring the trident!!!

    Becky – Thank you for coming to dinner and hanging out! … I hate that I didn’t get to hear more of that southern accent of yours, but I’ll be looking for you for sure in Arlington in Feb!

    Deborah – Deb!!!!! I finally got to meet the hottie behind the hot voice! … It was a pleasure talking with you and thank you so much for coming to dinner and hanging out with the crew!! You have to fill me in on how the racing went on Sunday!! … I’ve been thinking about you guys all week!

    Nate – Nate DOG! The Jam Man! The Natester! … Thank you for coming out and partying like a rock star. You brother are a wild man! Always a pleasure bro and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

    Raul and Laurie – Raul, it was a total pleasure to meet you and your very beautiful wife Laurie. My plan was to get her sloppy drunk and steal her away, but since that isn’t gonna work, I’ll be more than happy with just being friends with you guys. Thank you for coming to dinner and hanging out with the crew. You’re going to do great things in this hobby/business and I’m excited about your future and being part of it!

    Matt “STOPLIGHT” – You are a MANIAC! … I know you don’t have internet (not sure what that’s about, but whatever) but maybe one day you will and you’ll find this. Thank you for hanging out brother … you can party with me ANY DAY! … You bring it for reals and are a funny funny guy for sure!

    Liron – Didn’t get a whole lot of time to sit and talk bud, but it was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for hanging out! … Tell Kev and Kara that they better take care of you OR ELSE!!

    Emily and Jeremy – Hey Guys!! Emily, it was great to finally meet you after all of these years! You are a total sweetheart and I know that you have a huge future ahead of you with all of your animals! Jeremy, you are just FUNNY! … Wig and muscle shirt for dinner next year or ELSE!!! …. Bring it brother!

    Kara and Kevin – Thank you both! … You’re both always an inspiration, supportive, and two of the best friends anyone in this business can have. Kev, keep setting the bar higher so that little guys like me have something to strive for. Kara, I started missing you the day I left Daytona. Talk to you soon!

    Daniel and Shannon – Hi Guys! … Thank you for coming out! … It was a pleasure meeting you both and I’m glad that we were able to squeeze you into the dinner last minute. Next year I’m definitely going to make more time for everyone and we’ll sit and shoot the poop some more!

    Sean and Celia – I have to tell ya, two of my favorite moments of the show were hugging Celia and seeing Sean in an 8 Ball shirt on Monday morning. Thank you both for taking time out of a very busy weekend to shoot the poop with me and for being good friends. I don’t think it gets more “down to earth” than you guys.

    Daniel A and Brittany – It was awesome to meet you both! … I really enjoyed chatting with you guys on Friday and Saturday night and I apologize for not being able to find the time to spend with you two at the show. It was a ‘working’ weekend for me and I was running around like crazy trying to get r done! … I owe you both and especially Brittany cause she’s smoking hot.

    Chris “Kojak” – DUDE! You are a MONSTER partier and hands down know how to “BRING IT” at any level! It was so good to meet you and I can’t wait to do it all again next year. Welcome to the 8 Ball crew! Shirt is on the way!

    Tom – LOL … always a good time brother. Next year is payback. Taking down the 8 Ball crew is not cool. Plans are in the works. Be afraid. LMAO! … Seriously, thank you for hanging out and being a friend. Where do I send the XL shirt that you forgot in my room?

    And finally …. Kelly … Thank you for holding down the fort, listening to me complain on the phone all weekend, taking perfect care of the animals while I was away, and for believing in me. I can’t make it without you baby. Hang in there, we’re almost home.

    I am 100% sure that I’ve forgotten some people … I have the memory of an amoeba … if you know of someone that should be in this list, kick me in the ace and I’ll get it fixed. It certainly was not intentional.

    And for everyone else that came up to me in the show or at the hotel or out in town and introduced themselves and took a second out of their trip to say hi to me …. Thank you! … You guys all rock and I’m honored to have met you all.

    Finally ... thank you to all of my customers that could not make it out to Daytona ... you guys ROCK just has hard! ... I hope to find a way to meet each and everyone one of you some day and say thanks.

    Thank you for reading my long ramblings … you guys are the best.

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    "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
    - Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty

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    BPnet Veteran jknudson's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    Thanks bro! Appreciate the words! It was a heck of a time and I'll definitely be back next year....have to make it out to the shop sometime too.


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    Don't Push My Buttons JLC's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    Wow, Adam! That's awesome!! I can't wait til next year, so I can get on that list, too! (Although maybe I'll get a chance at a list like that in'd better be there, or I'll kick your butt! )
    -- Judy

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    BPnet Senior Member Nate's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    Thanks for the words Adam. Very kind of you.

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    Telling it like it is! Deborah's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    Deborah – Deb!!!!! I finally got to meet the hottie behind the hot voice! … It was a pleasure talking with you and thank you so much for coming to dinner and hanging out with the crew!! You have to fill me in on how the racing went on Sunday!! … I’ve been thinking about you guys all week!
    Thanks to you, you rock and, I can't wait till next year to come and visit your shop and be put to work for a day, it will be a pleasure.

    What can I say about the racing experience, imagine riding at 160 mph on a mythic track without fearing a ticket , amazing experience, I would recommend it.

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    BPnet Veteran MeMe's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    awwe....Adam you are such a cutie.

    thanks for everything this weekend.

    You are a freakin mess but I love ya anyways.

    thanks for being such a good friend and keeping me in line!

    o and anytime you need a swift kick in the me.

    *you gotta put one front of the other....*

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    BPnet Veteran daaangconcepts's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam_Wysocki
    Susan – Lil Susie Q!! … Thank you for being a friend and junk. You are funny in a way that most people will never get and I luv ya. Thanks for the video commentary and all of the hair spray … was that aqua net?
    Your welcomes and junk! I had an amazing time, and I know it wouldn't of been the same with out you! Thanks for accepting me as one of your own "8 Ball crew" member.

    I cannot say enough good things about the 8 Ball dinner. You put alot of time and effort into making sure we were ALL taken care of and it showed. You were a awesome host, so thanks for that!

    Oh and nah, not aqua net....Suave

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    Wally Bait tigerlily's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    Shush you. I hope you know if it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to go by myself. (I'm still sorry to have woken you up - next time turn the phone off!!)

    I also hope that all the hard work you did that weekend pays off big time.
    Reptile Geek

    Cause when push comes to shove you taste what you're made of
    You might bend, till you break cause its all you can take
    On your knees you look up decide you've had enough
    You get mad you get strong wipe your hands shake it off
    Then you Stand

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    BPnet Veteran Broseph's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    Adam, posts like this is just one more reason why i think 8ball is so sucessfull. Not only do you make people feel welcome after only talking on the pc, but to put the time and effort into that weekend as you did, with the dinner, the t-shirts, the drinks, ect. and to out right thank everyone by name and to remember everything to thank them for after that weekend just shows me what kind of stand up guy you really are. And makes me want to do business with you ten times over.

    So thank you and it was my pleasure to have met you and hang out with you and your crew.

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    BPnet Veteran elevatethis's Avatar
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    Re: Back from Daytona (with a giant post)

    Adam, you rock! You've helped turn a hobby into an obsession for me and I couldn't have done it without your wisdom, expertise, and friendship. You are among the most generous and genuine people I've ever had the privilege to know and anyone who thinks otherwise is just jealous of this whirlwind you've created known as the 8Ball. I've got your back till the end bro!

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