Discussions have been had in the past about whether or not members should be allowed to change their names/IDs at will. Whether you agree or disagree with our reasons, we have always had the policy of "One Member...One Name." And that policy is not going to change in the foreseeable future.

Lately, there have been a number of members making new accounts without consulting with Admin first. At first we tried to let a couple slide and hope they were isolated instances...but it is continuing to happen. So this is a public reminder to everyone that it is against our TOS to have more than one account, or to change accounts without first clearing it with an Admin.

There IS a policy in place for members to change IDs IF they contact an Admin before making any such changes and have a good reason for doing so. ("I'm tired of my old name" is not a good reason.) If your request is honored, your original account will be disabled and you will have to start over on all post-counts, reputation levels, and any other benefits your previous account may have gained in its use.

If you make a new account without clearing it first, it may be disabled without warning. Continued attempts to make multiple accounts could result in being suspended and/or banned.

This thread is not open for public debate. However, if you have any questions, comments, flames, or just want to talk about it, please feel free to PM me or any staff member and we will be happy to help clear up any misunderstandings or confusion on this topic.

Here is the paragraph in the TOS addressing this issue:
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H. you may not have more than ONE member name/ID for your private use. If you have a member name/ID already and wish to change your name, you MUST notify an Admin before making any such changes and explain why you feel such a change is necessary. Not all name-change requests will be honored, but names changed without a prior request and permission will automatically be disabled. An account/ID/member name may not be used jointly by a married couple/involved/commited couple or used in such a manner that it is a communal name used on this site by several members of your household. (more than one person using an account is not allowed) If it has been found that you have more than the one allowed member name/ID, you may be banned from this site and/or have your priviledges of use suspended permanently or temporarily at Admin's discretion.
And I think this is a good time to remind all members to please review and familiarize yourself with our TOS/Site Rules.


Thank you all for your attention to this matter. And most especially thank you all for being willing to help us maintain an excellent site and source for those wishing to learn about and appreciate our love for all things HERP!