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    Re: Feeder Euthanasia the Easy Way, and Humane too...

    wow thats really great lol and very low cost thanks!!!

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    I'm going to skip over all the debate and add in a minor detail that I think may be relevant as far as CO2 goes. As military aircrew you have to do altitude chamber training regularly, most depressurization events are slow leaks (the kind you see in the movies is super rare) so it is essential to know (and be reminded at regular intervals) what hypoxia actually feels like so you can recognize it and respond appropriately. I'm assuming not many people have here have first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to actually be hypoxic.

    Losing oxygen fast (we did practice that too) is pretty scary, you can feel your lungs straining and it is alarming. Slow leaks however are kind of fun. Everything in your brain slows down, things seem amusing for no reason. Your reactions slow dramatically, but it isn't alarming, more of an intriguing event that you somehow can't process. Eventually the fog gets thicker and thicker and you black out (or put your ox mask on and suddenly realize you were seeing in black and white only and didn't even notice).

    I have no reason to think that rodents experience hypoxia any differently than humans, we're mammals with very similar biological processes. Thus I believe that CO2 is a humane method as long as it is done gradually. Just control the flow, however you chose to do it.

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    Okayy thank you badgemash!!! So all youre really doing is giving the mice/rats/whatever else a little loopy high before they pass out? I think that it seems perfectly humane to do that, weather with dry ice or a canister, just gotta make sure it isnt filled too fast. No priming done basically.

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    Re: Feeder Euthanasia the Easy Way, and Humane too...

    I know this is an old thread but I see that much of the argument is about whether it's more humane to gradually introduce CO2 over a longer period of time via.dry ice or to introduce it quickly via.CO2 canisters, and I would like to give some input on both. I have been exposed to both and almost died with the slower one because I didn't realize what was happening until right before I passed out(luckily I was able to get to the door and opened it in time), it was completely painless, I felt a bit numb towards that end and it mostly just felt like I took some sleeping pills that had just kicked in, made me feel kinda loopy actually, it was kinda fun. With the faster one I immediately knew what was happening and it hurt, my eyes felt like they were gonna pop out, it felt like I was bleeding internally, like my lungs were full of wet sand.
    I'd rather the slower method, it's fun and painless.
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    Re: Feeder Euthanasia the Easy Way, and Humane too...

    I feel something is being missed, but I will preface by saying I buy all my rodents from rodent pro. Now when I was feeding live to dome of my snakes I saw them snap rodents necks, mind you that was rare. However it can't be overlooked that in cases of constriction that the heart can actually explode. I would imagine that is a lot worse than asphyxiation, the real point is killing in itself is in humane. So really all the arguments here are kinda pointless, just my .02 on the subject.

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