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    Very worried about my Kingsnake

    I have a Lavender Albino California Kingsnake. She's probably just under a year old. Her cage is simple, eco earth subtrate, half log for a hiding spot, and a stone water dish I picked up at the local pet store. This is all just background information, what I am really concerned about is that a few of her scales appear to be turning black. There are two spots on her back just a few inches down from her head. Each spot takes up about three scales, the two spots are right next to each other. There are other places on her body where part of a scale seems to be turning. She is still active and she's eating as well as always. She seems a bit twitchy when handled and she seems restless, she has been "pacing" around her tank and left very apparent impressions in the eco earth around the edge of the tank. I'm afraid it might be scale rot. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Re: Very worried about my Kingsnake

    What's the humidity? How are you measuring temps in the tank/home? Are you using a UTH or a heat lamp?

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    Re: Very worried about my Kingsnake

    Scale rot is almost always on the belly, not on the back. It usually starts out a little red, kind of a rusty color and may have small blisters. What you describe doesn't sound like scale rot to me. If it doesn't feel scabby or crusty then it's probably nothing to worry about, just a change in coloration.
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    Re: Very worried about my Kingsnake

    Can you post a picture? Occasionally they will get a dry scale or a little scrape that can turn a darker color. Most come off with the next shed.

    As for the pacing.. how often do you feed? Colubrids like to come out and 'beg' when they are hungry.

    ..also she could be wanting better hiding spots. Half logs are terrible hides. Get a couple identical hides that are small, low to the ground, and a tight fit for the snake. The plastic saucers for house plant pots are good hides with a hole cut in the side or top.

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    Re: Very worried about my Kingsnake

    You mentioned you used eco-earth substrate....which tends to stay pretty damp...while kingsnakes like it a little drier than what that substrate would provide.

    I've seen corns and kings get this blistering on them from being kept in conditions too wet, it usually starts on the top of their back or neck and spreads from there.

    Pics would help diagnose the problem, if any.

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    Re: Very worried about my Kingsnake

    I used paper towel as substrate for all my snakes (except my Milksnake - he has Aspen because he likes to burrow). I've always kept my Kingsnake on paper towel and she's happy on that. Kingsnakes don't need a lot of humidity. I'm in the UK and our normal climate has a fairly high level of humidity anyway. I only lightly mist her cage when she's in shed and she has a perfect shed every time. I believe Kingsnakes come from desert areas (anyone correct me if I'm wrong) so humidity isn't such an issue with them.

    I wouldn't use Eco Earth as substrate as I feel, like others have said that it would hold too much humidity.

    Paper towel is cheap and cheerful and shows up any nasties like the dreaded mites plus it makes cleaning the viv quick and easy.

    I would think switching to paper towel and checking the humidity levels will probably cure the problem at the next shed, but it would be wise to take your snake to the vet just to rule out any infection and if there is an infection to enable it to be treated before it gets a hold.

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