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    BP Breeding FAQ

    1. Is my BP a boy or a girl? How can I tell?

    2. How big should my BP’s be to breed?

    3. Does it matter how old they are when I start breeding?

    4. Is there a particular season for breeding?

    5. Do I need to cool and/or brumate my BP’s?

    6. Where can I get an incubator?

    7. What are some good resources for learning about BP breeding?


    1. Is my BP a boy or girl? How can I tell?

    The most accurate way to sex a ball python is to have a qualified reptile vet or experienced breeder probe it for you. “Popping” is also an accurate method if done correctly. Either of these methods can cause serious injury to the snake if done incorrectly. The size of the spurs and/or shape of the tail is not an accurate way to determine the sex.

    2. How big should my BPs be to breed?

    Female ball pythons should weigh at least 500 grams for every foot they measure in length, i.e., if the female is 4 feet long, she should weigh at least 2000 grams before she is bred. Males should weigh a minimum of 500 grams, but 800 is a healthier place to start.

    3. Does it matter how old they are when I start breeding?

    Females are generally sexually mature by either their second or third winter. Most males are sexually mature by one year of age.

    4. Is there a particular season for breeding?

    The breeding season for ball pythons is typically November - March, although if the right conditions are met ball pythons can be successfully bred any time of year.

    5. Do I need to cool and/or brumate my BPs?

    Some breeders follow the practice of cooling for a period of several weeks and then warming back up before breeding takes place. But other breeders have had success without any specific "cooling down" periods.

    6. Where can I get an incubator?

    DIY incubator:

    7. What are some good resources for learning about BP breeding?
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